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Utah trip – 2nd day

Posted by forlogos on April 14, 2007

In case it wasn’t clear, we arrived at Salt Lake City on a thursday. Then on friday we rode Brighton from morn till evening.

The 2nd whole day, Saturday, we rode Snowbird. Snowbird is huge and awesome!!

Picture of a banana I took while waiting. Banana was courtesy of the Embassy Suites, where our friends were staying. Thank you for the free breakfast and happy hours!

Just some of the mountains you can see around Salt Lake. They look huge, but they’re just the babies. The bigger mountains are behind them but you can’t see them in the pic. It’s the bigger mountains where the resorts are.

A pic of houses and mountains. This small pic size doesn’t do it justice.

Yes, to Snowbird we go!!

Spot the falling skier. Skiers! This one was falling for about 6 minutes, he just kept rolling down, down, down. It was a very steep mogul run.

We rode down all over that bowl. The stranger ruined the pic.

Hmmm, which line do I take?

Oops, which line do we take?

Tracks everywhere!!

Yeah, I really was there. See, those are my boots and board!

Another proof shot. This time with the hotel and lodges visible. Yeah, we were in a resort after all.

Snowbird was awesome!! All the locals were complaining about the conditions, but as an Ice (east) coast person it was excellent for me. It was slushy at the bottom, but freezing at the top. The snowdrift was really harsh. and all the runs at the bowls were great. It’s all white, no trees, go anywhere you want, so wide and spacious!! The runs were long and they actually took more time than the lift line and the lift ride. Actually, there were no lift lines! I love snowbird.

Saturday evening we went to Park City. It’s such a unpretentious town. The mountains (Park City) are small, all below the tree-line, they are uber-expensive, and they don’t get as much snow. If not for the Sundance Film Festival, there wouldn’t be much reason to go there….


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