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Utah trip – 1st day

Posted by forlogos on April 14, 2007

I took a lotta pix!

The night we arrived at Salt Lake City, we went out for drinks – but all the bars were closed already. It was late (1030pm or so). So we went for McDo take out. From inside the car, the 24-hour logo looks like a frownie – (a frowning smiley).

Waking up was nice. Looking out the window, this is what we could see. The hotel was nice too (The Hilton)

A skier friend in the woods. My first Utah double black diamond. It was great. Snow was thick and awesome, the trees were on excellent steep terrain. And yeah, I have a skier friend 😦

One of the hundreds of pix I took of the view

Trees with snow!!

The Mormon Temple.

Brighton is a great mountain. Considering most of the mountains we have here, it’s difficult to believe that it is a smaller Utah mountain. It’s great though. Riding through the trees there was great – it was really steep and the powder was fresh and deep. We went on an excellent day, right after a storm! The views were amazing as well.


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