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Finals – coming right up!

Posted by forlogos on April 15, 2007

Finals week is about to start.

I’ve been so busy. It took me about two weeks to blog about Utah and I haven’t blogged about PodCamp NYC yet. I’ve spent so much time working on my marketing paper. It’s all done now. All the hours of group work and days and getting kicked out of school are over. I won’t miss the work but I will miss working with my group. It’s been the best B-school experience so far. I’m guessing am getting an A out of this class.

And now, I’ve got finals in two days. Two tests, one week apart. Math and accounting.

I really should’ve tested (to get waived) out of math. It’s quite a waste of my time. Why did I have to think that it was going to be a good chance to review all the calculus and math stuff? I don’t even find the material challenging, it’s such a waste of time. I’m studying for the final the way I did for the midterm: do all my work a day or two before. I haven’t done a single bit of homework and I haven’t been taking any good notes cause I’ve been sleeping in class. My prediction for my final grade: A+

Accounting, on the other hand is a good and real review. The first half was a piece of cake (100% in the midterm), but the second half is more challenging. I don’t remember anything from my undergrad about the stuff covered, so I actually have to study this time. I’m gonna give myself more time for this one. It’s ok to get a few items completely wrong in the final, I have my midterm score to help me out – so I’m predicting an A, at the least a B.

It’s been a week and a half from my pharma interview. I’m getting nervous. The interviews went well – I ran out of time when talking to everyone that met with me, so I thought they liked me and enjoyed talking to me. Wonder what’s taking so long, I hope I get it, I can’t stand all this suspense in having to wait…

Haven’t heard back from the unpaid internship either. I feel like its 2002 (post 9-11) all over again and I can’t get any jobs. Arghhh, I thought doing this MBA thing would help me!!!!


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