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knee injuries and ADCC

Posted by forlogos on April 15, 2007

My knee has been hurting in a new way lately. I think it has to do with how I changed how I sit at work. It just stresses my knee.

And then a few weeks ago, the bottom part of the same knee swelled up, but not the usual swelling, this one looked like a malteser (that chocolate snack) or something appeared inside my knee. I iced it and it went away. Now it just hurts when I kneel on it – which happens very often in BJJ.

Then on friday someone knee barred the same knee. I twisted my leg to try to get out of it, but the guy kept adding pressure. I quickly tapped out cause I know its a dangerous submission (thanks to this blog post) and that the twisting subs are the worst in the kind of damage that they do. Now that same freakin’ knee hurts on its sides and I can’t keep it bent (like when I’m seated) for long.

O brother. I hope my damned right knee is ok. I’ve had painful knees many times before, thanks to tkd, but not different stuff like this all at once.

Regarding ADCC, I might be going to the world finals in Trenton, NJ in May with some guys from the academy. I do hope the plan falls through and that we can still get tickets. It’s gonna be a real trip to see the best of the best in BJJ battle it out!!

Oh, and you can get the ADCC dvds with your Blockbuster online membership. Blockbuster online is blockbuster’s answer to Netflix – – same deal, same system, same prices, but you get more. I love it!


3 Responses to “knee injuries and ADCC”

  1. hey dude i feel you on the knee injuries

    what you describe sounds a lot like a minor sprain, i’ve had to deal with that a lot, we have very similar symptoms… i don’t know about you but mine gradually get worse the more i trained on it

    i don’t know if you’re still rolling on it but honestly, the best thing you can do for that knee is to take two weeks or so off, at least until there is no pain, and then ease back into things

    and if you’re anything like me that’s like anathema, even a week off from training would kill me, but it’s the best way to get it back to 100% and being able to train efficiently and avoid it becoming a bigger problem

    especially after the twisting incident, if the sides are hurting that’s indicative of LCL and MCL ligament sprains

    this sounds a little serious, and really it’s not, you can train on sprained ligaments, but eventually it’ll get to a point that requires you to take time off for a much longer period, or further damage to the knee, i.e. meniscal tear or grade III sprains, which require surgical procedure

    on very rare occasions you can train in some ways with a sprained ligament and it will still heal on its own, but i wouldn’t try it with a sport like bjj, where the entire point of training is to put pressure on a joint, and you are almost always kneeling or using the legs actively

  2. i’m speaking from experience btw – ACL and LCL sprains, kept training on them (weightlifting – lots of deep squatting), pain would eventually force me to take a week or two off, i’d return before the knee felt stable and after a few repeats ended up tearing my menisci

    what happened was that when i dropped into a squat from a clean, my foot was rotating in, the wrong way, so the knee was getting some bad twisting force – after that initial incident, which hurt, i lost some stability but kept training and it kept happening

    it didn’t really get better until i was forced to take six weeks off from training after surgery

    the worst part is that knee is never going to be as strong as it was before, i can’t do that one-legged squat pistol thing on it like i could before, it just feels like it’s going to give way

  3. forlogos said

    Thank you very much for your comments! I really appreciate them.

    Fortunately for me, the pain at the sides of the knee have gone away – I think it has more to do with how I sit at me desk at work than the twisting at BJJ. I haven’t been crossing my legs while sitting all week at work, and it’s relieved all the side pain.

    I still have pain when I kneel on my knee though (on the front, near the bottom), but it is gradually going away. I wonder what that malteser thing was…I really should look into it – I hope it’s not liquid that will have to be drained out one day….I’ll blog about it if I learn anything.

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