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Utah trip – 3rd day

Posted by forlogos on April 15, 2007

Last day of the trip. Went back to Snowbird as they had the best conditions of all the other Utah mountains.

Avalanche Area. Signs we never see here on the Ice Coast. Lots of other avalanche-related signs throughout the mountain and next to trails and such.

The sign pointing to the tunnel. There was so much snow, it had to be dug out. The tunnel goes through the mountain at Snowbird. You get off a lift and ride on a conveyor belt for about 10-15 minutes. It takes you over directly to the other side, Mineral Basin, without having to get to the top first. Took them two summers to complete. It’s neat and made it feel like Disneyland.

Looking back out at the tunnel after we got in.

Another shot of the tunnel. Cool huh

This is what you see from the other side…well, part of what you see.

Another shot from the other side…Damn skiers ruined the shot!!

This is what the end of the tunnel looked like

Tequila!! The little guy at that looked up my crotch as I snowboarded all over Utah!

We flew back home that evening on the redeye. Went straight to work for a 9am meeting. I miss Utah – I really do have to start going out west to board at least once a year. I miss Snowbird. I miss snowboarding. I miss winter.


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