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BJJ Class 67 and 68

Posted by forlogos on April 23, 2007

Class 67 was no-gi at lunch time. It’s really great that my company has summer fridays already. So far, I’ve used them all up in going to BJJ. Hmmm, I’ve been going to BJJ after work on fridays, while I’ve gone out for drinks after school work on thursdays – – that’s quite a switch from the expected

Anyway, in class 67 we drilled a side control to mount to triangle move. It was cool. We did it for a while and I even managed to pull it off while rolling- – so you know I’m gonna illustrate it with my snowboard instructors!! After the drill, there was non-stop rolling. I didn’t gas out or loose my vision or anything, which is really great.

Class 68 was gi and was the day after, also on an afternoon, which marks my first time ever in almost a year to go to BJJ on back to back days. With both days consisting mostly of rolling, I’m having difficulty remembering what happened on each class – – they just blur together.

After a long drought, I was able to get a few armbars. I also got to sweep some really heavy people. And I don’t dislike wrestlers so much anymore. When I was new, I just hated rolling with them – they dominate the top game too much and I was just defenseless. They’re still better at the take-downs (we start sparring from our knees, so we still have takedowns somewhat), quickly gaining side control, and have excellent base. But now, when I’m at the bottom, I’m actually able to get guard or half-guard, or even just escape from being pinned….awesome!! I’ve yet to sweep a wrestler though…

I had some very good rolls with some people that I rarely (or never have) rolled with. The guys that are all technical – I enjoy those rolls the best – even if I keep tapping to them. Something about it is just so great – almost euphoric – I can’t describe it – but rolling with technical (or what I think is technical) guys are the most fun rolls ever

Also, after class 68, my instructor (the school’s owner) said I improved a lot. Cool!! I think he saw me attempting a crucifix (I don’t know how I got it) and doing a kimura from guard.

Best of all, I learned a very good tip for choke defense. Usually, when I defend a choke I just bring my jaw straight down to my chest and use my hands to defend – but if my opponent is persistent/knowledgeable I’ll still get choked. This week, I was really trying to choke two different people while rolling with them. I mounted one and tried all sorts of ways to choke the guy but couldn’t. I got the other’s back and kept trying and trying to sink an RNC. (of course, I’m still a white belt, so my inexperience could be why I’m having such great difficulty) But how did they defend the chokes? By bringing their chin to a shoulder. Just by turning their head, they didn’t even use their hands. I always felt that doing that won’t offer any protection since a portion of the neck is exposed, but I’m surprised at how well turning your head actually protects your neck.

Later at saturday night I asked AG to mount and choke me (this was a very funny time since she refused to choke and hurt me – and when she finally placed her elbow on my neck – she looked really disturbed, as if she were about to kill a butterfly). I really felt the difference that turning your head makes – this is one tip I’m never going to forget. When defending a choke, turn your head to a shoulder.



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