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haven’t landed an internship yet

Posted by forlogos on April 25, 2007

Like I said in my last internship related post – I don’t have any internships yet. Here’s what I said about it:

“I feel like its 2002 (post 9-11) all over again and I can’t get any jobs. Arghhh, I thought doing this MBA thing would help me!!!!”

I had a few really good interviews. My first pick had me go through several interviews, all of which went well (I felt they did) that time kept running out in just conversing with my interviewers. Then I didn’t hear back from them, then I made calls and sent emails to follow up – to which I got no responses, then I finally got a cold and unfriendly form-letter rejection email.

Once you put yourself in an administrative hole, it’s very hard to climb out. Too many managers out there just look at your last position and think that that’s all you’re ever going to amount to. I know and have heard of many managers that think that way about support staff – the managers that look at the individual and not at the job description, they are a rarity.

This is a major reason as to why I’m getting an MBA.

I shouldn’t have had to go through this. I’ve seen people with business degrees from local (American) schools get decent business jobs. Looking back, I see all the career mistakes I’ve made.

Fuck, I’ve made a lot of mistakes since I moved to the USA. My first mistake was moving here at the time that I did – it ruined the start of my career.

The school where I earned my undergrad business degree is the best business school in my home country. The university is one of the overall top three schools back home, the specific rankings change every year but it is always ranked either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. So my school would have been an “Ivy League” school or something. Anyway, earning a degree from my school pretty much guaranteed a good job, post-graduation. So, I should have worked back home before I moved here. Getting good experience (and resume filler) back home would have led to better jobs here. Heck, it works for all my other countrymates.

So anyway, I moved here right after college. So of course in New York, my degree is worthless. It’s not recognized and no one knows about it or my school. As far as recruiters were concerned, I could have just made up the name of my school and degree. In addition, I’m Asian – so I have that looks-so-many-years-younger-than-my-actual-age-Asian look. So I show up to a job interview, with a resume that has a “made-up” degree, looking like I’m about to go to my highschool dance wearing my dad’s suit.

To make it worse, I came right after September 11. Bad job market, too many job seekers, not enough jobs…

Which is why I ended up in this administrative hole. A support job was the only one I could get.

I then made many, many more stupid mistakes, such as getting comfortable and relaxed. So I dug myself a deeper and deeper hole…

I know that there are plenty of things I should be grateful for, and I am. Things aren’t so bad. I’m just having a down day and needed some sort of outlet. Working out left me sore, but it wasn’t a big enough outlet. I still don’t feel any better.

Even getting my grades for the Spring semester did not cheer me up. I got three A’s, that’s three 4.0’s – and they don’t get any higher than that. I still went through the entire day feeling down.

I need ice cream…


2 Responses to “haven’t landed an internship yet”

  1. some1 said

    ur stupid that’s why

  2. forlogos said

    yeah, right

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