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Catch-up: BJJ classes 69-71, ADCC, and internship

Posted by forlogos on May 7, 2007

I’ve been rather busy lately and haven’t been able to post anything for over a week now. Here’s my catch-up post for what’s been happening:

I was finally offered an internship last week and as a result I’ve had to make some very difficult decisions. I’m making a bold move in leaving my job to take this internship. It’s what I’ve wanted to do. It’s easy to talk the talk, but when it comes to leaving my job – – which pays for school, in which I’m comfortable in, am paid for, and have a great boss to work with – – to take an unpaid internship and face so much uncertainty, the first steps taken to walk the walk is very difficult. I’ve decided to take the internship part-time and have settled for a 3-day, unpaid work-week schedule. I’m hoping to have found a paid position or internship by the time the fall semester starts. If not, I’ll study full-time and really worry about what to do about getting an income again.

I’ve gone to three BJJ classes since my last post. I don’t remember much about them now, but I do remember drilling one of the first techniques I learned in BJJ, armbar from the top of North-South & a few other alternatives you can do from there and a few side control escpaes. (If I find time, I will post pictures of the techniques with my snowboard instructors) With my summer class schedule, I will be going to BJJ mostly on the Monday and Wednesday one hour classes – these classes are too short. Next term, I will definitely fix my schedule so I can go to the longer classes. I started out by going to the one-hour classes twice a week and learned some, but I didn’t really start to get better until I started going to the longer classes. Can’t wait to have those classes regularly again

I’m very close to hitting my one-year anniversary of learning BJJ and the 6-month mark for this blog. Yay for me!!

This weekend, I went to watch the 7th (2007) ADCC World Championships in Trenton, NJ. It was a wonderful two days. Marcelo Garcia is really the best fighter to watch. Xande Ribero, Kyra and Rolles Gracie, Leo Viera, and Jeff Glover all gave spectacular performances. Actually, I don’t know all the fighters names – many of them were really great, most of them were impressive and truly inspiring. Am at work as I’m typing this, and damn, I really want to roll!!


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  1. […] here’s the technique I mentioned that we went over in BJJ Class 69, 70 or 71. We did this armbar and kimura a long time ago when I was a fresh noob. It’s nice to do these […]

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