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BJJ Class 72

Posted by forlogos on May 11, 2007

Class 72 was fun! It was mostly stand-up and a few movement drills.

Summer is really the time for hard warm-ups in my school, so today was no exception. After killing my legs and upper body, we did a throw and it’s plan B (if the first throw attempt doesn’t work). I don’t know what it’s called or anything, so I’ll just try to illustrate them with my snowboard instructors in the future….

After that we did a side control to knee on belly exercise, then a side control spin from one side to another. There was one round of rolling after. Altogether the class was very good, though I always feel cheated when there isn’t enough rolling….

I always seem to hurt myself with these stand-up classes…beside my hamstrings being very sore, I hurt my toes/ball of my foot. I don’t know how, but it’s been hurting for days now.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some workouts on my own – mostly push-ups/dips and Lat pulldowns/pull-ups and back curls (the lay flat on your belly then curl back like a skydiver exercise) – and I just started incorporating some BJJ stuff. Did a variety of twisting bridges and stuff….need to learn more BJJ specific exercises that I can do on my own.

Anyway, Ous!!


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