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BJJ Class 73 and 74

Posted by forlogos on May 15, 2007

I went to two classes back-to-back on the same day, but since they were two different classes I’ll count them separately.

Felt tired today, I was gassed just after 3 minutes of warming up, I don’t know if it was because I was tired (as usual) or because of my seasonal allergies. Fortunately, compared to the past few weeks, today’s warm-up wasn’t bad. After warm-ups we drilled elbow locks from side control.

I had the technique down, but I don’t really see myself adding this to my game, so I won’t illustrate them with my snowboard instructors. Basically, from tight side control, you go to knee-on-belly, trap the far arm and do a shoulder lock. If you have no base, then fall back, reposition your arms and do a variation of the shoulder lock. You’ll also be in a prime position for the armbar.

There was some rolling after the drill. Didn’t get to practice what I wanted to practice (guard passing and bottom half-guard). I did manage to finish an arm-bar from the guard. When I was doing the armbar and was being stacked, I remembered the blog post 20 Fundamental Moves of Jiu-Jitsu from Smash Pass. Particularly:

“Now let’s analyze some shortcomings you might encounter and some tips that will help. The armbar from the guard makes you vulnerable to a pass of the guard; make sure you always adjust your hips after any missed armbar attempt. You are exposed to the slam; develop the habit of hooking the inside of your opponent’s leg with your arm so you don’t get picked up and slammed. Especially in the armbar from the guard, because your opponent is on top, gravity is working against you. Whenever someone tries to stack me, I like to turn belly down to use gravity against my opponent’s arm.”

…so as soon as I was being stacked, I rolled and managed to finish the belly-down armbar. Cool!!

The second class was very laid back. Warm-ups was easy!! We drilled the basic triangle and four options that you can do from that position. This was way cool, expect to see me illustrate this with my snowboard instructors soon. Basically, if you can’t sink the triangle there are four options that you can go for – 1. triangle with simultaneous elbow lock – 2. Elbow lock with the opponent’s hand under your armpit – 3. figure-four elbow lock – 4. Gogoplata choke (I might have the name wrong, put it’s the choke where you use your shin and instep against the throat.

There was rolling after the drills, but it was very laid back and relaxed. Taught someone the Eddie Bravo half-guard, other wise rolling was uneventful…


3 Responses to “BJJ Class 73 and 74”

  1. Jonathan said

    Eddie might be a little overrated on the mat but he’s got some awesome ideas. MTRG revolutionized my halfguard game. I took the most from that section of the book.

  2. forlogos said

    He does have some great ideas, I wish he’d compete more though so we could see him do his stuff in action

    I don’t have that book, I have Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed. There’s a short section on the half-guard, it’s helped quite a lot

  3. […] Here’s the triangle and options techniques that I mentioned in BJJ Class 74. […]

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