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Some goal setting

Posted by forlogos on May 16, 2007

Noticed that my blogging has been kinda haphazard…Sure, I write about each class I take, but the content seems to be all over the place. Not that it’s bad, I just want to be able to use this blog to track my progress a bit better.

After a fair bit of thinking, I decided to work on the following techniques and be sure to write a bit about my progress regarding these through each class. Also, as a white belt, there are way too many things I need to work on all at the same time, so these might sound a bit too general.

Guard passing. For a while last year, I focused a lot on guard passing. Even purchased the book “Passing the Guard” which is great. So I pushed it a lot and managed to improve somewhat. Then, for some reason (maybe another book) I stopped focusing and my guard passing got worse. Nowadays I rarely try to stack an opponent and my passing techniques have gone down. In trying to avoid getting triangled or choked, I rarely attempt to underhook a leg. So I need to work on this – the whole gamut of guard passing, from the knees, standing up, stacking, smashing, open-guard, etc…

Attacks from the Guard. This includes both sweeps and subs. I focused on this a bit in the first few months of the year, and once I became proficient (against just white belts) with one sweep, I simply stopped. For subs I’ll concentrate mostly on kimuras, for sweeps – well, I’ll work on the appropriate techniques for a white belt, meaning no fancy sweeps!!

Like I said, pretty broad goals. But it will work well. If I’m in guard, I can go for a sweep. If I sweep, then I’ll let my opponent get guard and try to pass and oh so many other variations that I can keep rolling with someone without having to restart a spar so I can work on a position. Notice I’m not focusing too much on subs…improving these two parts will propel my game forward and subs will come naturally based on achieving a superior position (sweep from guard and passing guard to side control). When I start passing or sweeping blue belts every week, I’ll know I’ve really progressed…

I’m guessing I should also post a bit on my weight. A lot of fellow BJJ bloggers have been doing this lately and I feel that I owe it to the still small BJJ blogging community. In the past year I’ve lowered my average weight (based on what I feel I weigh through most of a week) from 200 to 195. I haven’t done much in terms of diet, but I’d like to try to get it down to 190 then to 185.

Names. I’m really bad with names. One year later and I still don’t know the names of peops I regularly train with. Bad. I need to make this good.

These goals are only good if I regularly check my progress against them and keep my focus on them.

Cheers, good life, ous, dodo, end.


2 Responses to “Some goal setting”

  1. Steve said

    This is pretty much my approach as well. Not so much the blog. I’m definitely all over the place. But in the techniques. I try to learn and internalize all of the techniques we’re taught, but am content to focus on the basics. Until I get those, I figure I don’t need to get fancy.

    And learning the names is a great idea. It’s becoming very clear to me that BJJ is a relatively small community. Besides, there’s something just wrong with being stuck under north/south with a dude you don’t know by name. 🙂

  2. forlogos said

    yeah…agree with both your points..

    Spoke the other day with someone that’s been doing BJJ for over two years – even he doesn’t know the names of half the guys he rolls with…

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