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BJJ Class 76

Posted by forlogos on May 22, 2007

Gi Class. I felt very good this whole day, including BJJ. I’m not sure exactly why, but about a dozen different things contributed to making today a good day. Even my stamina/endurance in class felt great, for which I have AG’s elliptical to thank. I finally completed assembling it and used it this weekend. Based on how I felt today, I am now making it a goal to use that exercise machine of hers every time I find myself at her place.

Back to BJJ…there was a very short warm-up, then the white belts were divided from the color belts. We (white belts) did this open-guard to Knee on belly to armbar move that we did a long time ago. I really like these moves, so expect to see them illustrated with my snowboard instructors soon. I noticed that we’re repeating moves that we did last summer – not that am complaining, it’s great to work on the basics. I just noticed that now, months after I first did these moves, I’m noticing other details that I never concentrated on or thought of before. I wonder what sort of details I’ll pick when we do this again several months from now.

Anyway, after drilling the technique the rest of the time was spent on rolling. Went against all white belts and had a great time. I tapped a few of them with americanas and I think I was able to dominate most of the rolls. On one roll, I went for an Americana from side control on the same side arm that I was on. I really thought I could do it, but couldn’t. Not sure how, but I was able to jump to the other side of side control without letting go of the arm and finished the sub. Additionally, I was about to have my first omoplata, but my opponent tapped before I even got to finish. From half-guard, I did a surprising number of old-school and Plan B sweeps from Eddie Bravo’s half-guard. I’m finding it really difficult to find the openings for (and to remember to try) the other EB half-guard sweeps. Also, I noticed that when I’m trying to control my opponent from the top of half-guard, I’m starting to use my head, literally. I use it to post my weight on their shoulder or chest. Wonder when I started doing this and I wonder if posting my head on higher belts will be effective or if it will just make me tap to them sooner…

My last roll of the day felt kinda different. AG showed up, and just knowing that she was there (and likely watching me) made me tense up and feel pressured. That must be how competing must be like. You’re just going for your grips and you feel all tensed. Anyway, once the roll transitioned from the knees (starting position) I kinda forgot that AG was there and I rolled normally. I’m a year into BJJ and I haven’t competed yet. I really want to.

Ok, regarding my goals:

Guard Passing. I was able to do a lot of guard passes. All different kinds. It was great, I managed to do just about all the guard pass techniques I know of. When passing to one side, I’m getting better at judging when I should quickly go for the other side and at controlling both legs.

Guard attacks. Didn’t try much of an offense submission-wise. But I managed to scissor sweep just about everyone I pulled guard on, which I rarely did since I was in a guard passing mood. I don’t feel like my sweeps are getting better. Maybe in the next class I’ll keep pulling guard so I can work on my sweeps.

Names. Managed to name about 80% of everyone there. At least before the class started. All in all, I don’t think I even know a fifth of everyone’s names yet.

Weight. Dunno. In the weekend, my weight dropped one pound a day. I prolly gained it all back since I had a full lunch and ice cream today. And a nice heavy korean meal with AG post-BJJ.

Can’t wait for the next class, hope I will feel as good as I did today…


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