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BJJ Class 77

Posted by forlogos on May 25, 2007

No-gi class. I feel like its been a while since I went to one. It’s really nice to mix it up.

After warm ups we were taught the anaconda choke that Marcelo Garcia kept doing at ADCC. My instructor mentioned Rani Yahira using it a lot, but I don’t remember. I do remember him going up to where we were seated to greet my instructors. He beat Leo Vieira but I didn’t recognize him up close. Anyway, the choke uses the shoulder and arm to put the pressure on the neck, trapping the arm isn’t necessary as it isn’t an arm triangle variation. It also isn’t a neck crank.  I don’t really know how I feel regarding the move, it doesn’t feel so comfortable to me. So no illustrations on the technique, just text:

Start in side control and switch an arm so you have a scarf hold. Pivot your whole body with your shoulder over your opponents throat until you are at north-south. As you are turning, secure the choke by grabbing your hands together. Keep your base very low as though sprawling on the floor. Adjust your position so that it is your shoulder that is putting pressure on the throat. Squeeze.  To see it in action, watch my ADCC clips.

After the move, it was all rolling.

Guard Passing. I feel much better with my passes, especially with the butterfly guard. One of my mistakes was spotted and remedied. I usually use one hand to bring both legs together and smash them to the mat before passing (overhook one knee and push on the other), but this had the adverse effect of trapping my hand between my opponent’s legs if I grip the knee too deep. This also greatly exposes my neck when I pass and makes any headlocks/neck cranks difficult to escape based on the resulting positions of my arms. When I lock the legs together I should watch my hand placement carefully or use two arms instead to bring the knees together.

Guard offense. Although I managed a few sweeps, my guard game (what little I have) disappears with no-gi as everything is too slippery, and I can’t maintain a grip.

Names. I did so bad, couldn’t name anyone.

Weight. Stuck at 197. It did go to 195 a few days ago, but how do you refuse ice cream in the summer?

I had real difficulty doing sweeps from the lockdown (Eddie Bravo’s halfguard) with someone much shorter than me. I kept him in halfguard but neither of us had the upper-hand and the roll stalled.  Then I rolled with a guy that fights a lot of MMA. We started from standing and I think I did all right. Sprawled a few times and learned two take-downs for when you’ve attacked the back and your opponent starts to get stand up.

Enjoy your long weekend!


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