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Triangle and options

Posted by forlogos on May 26, 2007

Here’s the triangle and options techniques that I mentioned in BJJ Class 74.

Boarder has just opened Nogi’s guard and is about to start his pass

Instead of struggling to maintain the guard, Nogi grabs both of Boarder’s sleeves, and puts his knees inside their arms and rests his feet on Boarder’s hips

While pulling on both of Boarder’s sleeves, Nogi plants his right leg on boarders shoulder. This can also be planted on his bicep.

With Boarder trying to push in or Nogi pulling on Boarder, Nogi slips his right foot up and begins to transition to the triangle. Note how Nogi pulls Boarder’s right wrist – he will bring it under his left armpit.

The triangle is complete. Nogi can squeeze his legs and pull down on Boarder’s head to finish the regular triangle choke. With Boarder’s right arm trapped, Nogi can also squeeze his left elbow to make Boarder tap to an arm lock. He can also do both at the same time and make Boarder tap to two things…

Alternatively, Nogi can switch his right leg under Boarder’s head…

…to triangle Boarder’s right arm. Once the arm is triangled, Nogi just has to raise his hips to give Boarder a very painful arm lock.

Also, Nogi can pull down on Boarder’s head, choking him on his shin, for another tap. Note: the shin isn’t on the neck in the pic – just a limitation of these Snowboard Instructors – but it should be.


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