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BJJ Class 78

Posted by forlogos on June 2, 2007

Good gi class. I arrived at the academy a bit later then my usual so I wasn’t able to stretch before the warm-ups started. I really should’ve because the warm-ups were killer. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and several variations of each that left you feeling too tired. It was the first time since I thought I had grown strong enough to be able to do all the push-ups that I wasn’t able to do all the push-ups. I’m going to revise my once weekly home work-out…

We did a very cool technical sweep from guard and a variation. It is so technical and uses leverage so well, that doing it uses no strength, it just flows and feels so smooth – I really like it! So yes, expect it to be demonstrated by my Snowboard Instructors soon. We did a variation for when your opponent gets an underhook on a leg and attempts to pass. Cool, a guard offense/defense move!!

After the sweep, there was one ten-minute round of rolling. I really felt like rolling, so even though I became more alert and aggressive when I was working on my goals, guard passing and guard offense, I kept going for a sub even after obtaining a more advantageous position (side control and mount). I rolled against a guy that’s been back for a few weeks after a three-month or was it more lay-off from an injury. I managed several subs including an armbar and a keylock from mount – even an ezekiel, which I’ve never done successfully before. Old School and Plan B are still my most reliable half-guard sweeps. I did knee-on belly for the first time, and managed to stay on for about 5 seconds.

What really helped me get the knee-on-belly was browsing through a BJJ book the other day. It basically said that after passing and attempting to get side control, if you’re opponent straightens both arms out at you making it difficult to secure side control, you should be able to go for knee-on-belly.

Guard passing. Did several and made sure to watch my hand placement when attempting the pass which I got great pointers for on the last class, BJJ Class 77. That pass and the slide-your-knee-inside-the-guard pass are quickly becoming my favorites.

Guard offense. Think my scissor sweep is getting better. Hope the sweep learned today can be incorporated into my game quickly. Attempted another omoplata but didn’t get it. Is this a low percentage sub? I mean, as a white belt, is this a technique worth pursuing?

Names. Didn’t name too many people. Think I knew half of the names of everyone there today.

Weight. I dunno, it’s really settled around 195. I really should try to loose some.

Might be competing in a NAGA event with some guys from my school in the summer…


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