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BJJ Class 79 and 80

Posted by forlogos on June 5, 2007

Class 79 wasn’t so good. It was a gi lunch time class. I was drunk the night before, it was a very hot day, and I came in late. In addition, I washed my gi just before class and so my pants were still steaming from the dryer and my gi top was moist and very heavy (I usually wash and hang-dry my gis at least a night before a class).

I performed rather poorly. I had great difficulty passing the guard and my guard offense sucked. I got some great tips for putting pressure and keeping passes tight. Names went real bad too.

Class 80 was much better! It was a gi class and, after the warm-up, a stand-up class. It’s rare enough that we do stand-up, so it’s even rarer still when we spar standing… half the stand-up time was practising throws on about 12 non-reactive guys. The second half was practising throws and take-downs on the same 12 or so guys, but with them being fully defensive and able to counter.

My stand-up sucks. During the second half, I was able to throw only one person, a blue belt (a real surprise), who, when it was his turn to try to take me down got me in a wrist lock with the gi even before he initiated his throw, which caused me to yell “tap, tap, tap!!” as I was being thrown. Now, days later, my wrist still hurts. Also, as one or a few guys had “sandpaper” gis, I have a nice pill sized wound on my finger. I bled all over a friends gi (by the lapel) before I noticed the bleeding. It was hurting way before the bleeding, but at least a band-aid fixed it.  In one way or another, I always get hurt on days that we do stand-up.

There was three short rounds of rolling after the stand-up. Nothing happened much with the two blue belts I rolled with. One of them was in a “the problem with white belts are…” mood (I’m a white belt) and the other kept getting interrupted cause we kept on rolling into other people or walls. I managed to pass each of their guards, though it seems I was able to do it more because of the mood and interruptions than solely on my skill. My last round was with a fairly new whitebelt. I let him sweep me and get into side control. I escaped to guard, swept, mounted, and arm-barred him. When we restarted, pretty much the same thing happened, though I had a bad armbar attempt which I was turning into a triangle when time ran out. I wasn’t able to practice my two goals very well, but at least I was able to do two passes and two sweeps. I’m also trying to remember two additional names from the class. Ok, the same name for two people…

My weight is still stuck at the mid 190’s.  I am now trying to loose 5-6 pounds for a competition in August…


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