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Fotki.com picture hosting problems

Posted by forlogos on June 12, 2007

I started using Fotki.com not too long ago to host my pictures for free for this blog. It has worked great but lately I noticed that many of my pictures have “disappeared” from my posts.

This started happening around the time when they were named a finalist for CNET.com’s Webware 100.

The quotation marks on the word “disappeared” is there because my pictures didn’t really disappear. The URL path for the pictures location (the code as I call it) was changed by Fotki. So I painstakingly copied and pasted all the new codes from Fotki for each of my pictures that appear in this blog. Problem solved, pictures were back online.

Then I noticed that Fotki.com now advertised itself as a free unlimited host for pictures for sites, blogs, etc…

And then I noticed that my pictures were missing again and that the URL codes were changed, yet again. So again I painstakingly changed all the links in my posts.

I truly appreciate the free hosting that Fotki.com is offering, but please, please, please stop changing the damned code already. I imagine that maybe after they were named in CNET’s list, they went through some redesign and decided to do free hosting for websites and blogs, and that involved changing their codes and such. So I do hope that all this URL changing is over. I’ve wasted enough time already just updating my old posts…

All my pictures should be up again. Please let me know if any are missing. Email me at bstuffetcblog at gmail dot com


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