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BJJ Class 82 and 83

Posted by forlogos on June 14, 2007

I went to these two gi open mat classes back-to back, which resulted in a marathon two and a half hours of non-stop rolling. And wow, I don’t think I’ve ever rolled that much non-stop before.

I can’t remember everyone I rolled with and what happened, so I’ll just go straight to my goals performance.

Guard offense. I remember being active in the guard, sitting up to pull my opponents down to break their posture, and fishing for kimuras. I didn’t get any kimuras and I should really work on setting these up so I can get them. A problem that I noticed that I’ve been doing is my sweep timing/direction when my guard has been opened and a pass attempt is near, I haven’t had much success in sweeping at a pass attempt. Also,my open guard needs a lot of work. It sucks, having my feet on their hips or doing spider guard.

Guard passing. Still not as successful as I have been recently, but I am now being more aware of staying close and tight. So I don’t feel so bad about not getting enough passes. I notice that when I have control over an opponents legs, I have trouble transitioning the control to their upper body, making settling into side control rather difficult.

Names. Bit better now. Realized that I remember unusual names better than common names. So names like Tom and Mike are harder to remembes only cause there are more of them, as opposed to Japanese names and other uncommon names.

Weight. I dunno. Even tho I had great work-outs this week, I completely ate through a container of chocolate wafer sticks. Yum!!

There was a group of noobs rolling for the first time today and the other guys were teaching them submissions and such. When I paired off with one, I decided to not teach any submissions, but rather teach something I wish I was taught when I was a noob (guess I’m not a noob anymore then?). I taught this guy about the concept of base/balance. So I showed how a sweep can be neutralized by adjusting your base, and how, no matter which position you are in, dominant or not, you are better off if you can break your opponent’s base. By example I showed him that when mounted, you can easily escape if you are able to remove your opponents base and do an upa escape. Showed him that the guy on top can post out or adjust his legs, and you really just have to take this ability away to roll them off succesfully. I just hope that I helped this guy out better by teaching him this concept rather than teaching him subs. Besides, it will take a while before he will submit anyone, but knowing how balance works can be used from day one.

I got two taps today. One from a blue belt with an Americana, and the other with an elbow lock, kinda like the pic above, only from side control and not from north-south. I don’t remember who I did this on.

I also tapped the girl a few times, but am not adding them to the count. I wonder if I should start a tap counter. I can use it to evaluate my progress. So when I reach, say 50 taps, I can look at what I’ve done and look at my goals and decide whether to change my goals or revise them.

Yeah, I think I’ll do that. Starting with these two classes. I’ll set up a page where I count my taps. After every 50 taps I get, I will review both my progression based on my goals and on the type of subs I get, and use that to evaluate and maybe even change my goals. Right now, I feel like I should change my goals a bit, as my guard offense goal, which is really a closed guard goal, is limiting me. I mean, yes it is helping me a lot, but at the same time it makes my guard game one-faceted, rather than multi-faceted. I mean, I don’t have an open guard game at all. So maybe, after 50 taps, I’ll change my goals to work on open guard. We’ll see…..

Anyway, after rolling, some of us were discussing the armbar and options. A lot of this post was discussed. What’s cool is that, and I didn’t realize this before, you can go from the armbar to the kimura (the reverse order of what I posted here). Cool right!! Also, I asked one of them how to do the arm slice/bicep squeeze from North-South, as I had tried it and couldn’t finish it while rolling and I just plain forgot how to do it. So here we go:

From this step, Boarder already has his grips to do the Kimura, but because Nogi is defending, Boarder cannot bring the arm out to finish the sub. So first, Boarder must reposition his left hand, the one that is around Nogi’s arm and is gripping his other wrist, so that he grabs his elbow instead.

Boarder steps across with his right leg. Before or as he does this, he should let go of his right hand grip on Nogi’s wrist, and grab his left elbow. All he has to do now is to sink his elbows down to the mat (adjusting his base as neccesary) to make Nogi tap to a crazy painful bicep squeeze. Ouch!


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