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BJJ Class 85 and 86

Posted by forlogos on June 19, 2007

Back to back gi classes again. I’m starting to really enjoy these two and a half hour monsters.

Both classes were identical, except the second one was a half hour longer. Warm-ups, drills, and “specific” rolling was all the same. Warm-ups weren’t bad: running, push-ups paired with jumping jacks, and sit-ups paired with hipscapes. Then side falls (practice falling to your side and slapping out) and forward rolls. In the second class there was jumping forward rolls where you jump over an objects and land, headfirst, with a forward roll.

After the forward rolls there was applied side fall breaking. A guy bends down from his waist, as though to play leapfrog, and you go up with your chest on his back and he throws you off as if with a hip throw. The effect is that you fall from hip height and you have to breakfall that. After too many of those, there was basic cross choke drilling from closed guard to which we had specific rolling after. Rolling was cross choke only, all sweeps, passes, everything, but subs were cross chokes only.

Guard passing. Feel like am getting a little bit better, which is good. I don’t remember having any major difficulty, but I am unable to pass any purple belt guards.

Guard offense. Did a good number of sweeps. My open guard is starting to feel better but still requires a lot of work. I managed to do several cross chokes from guard on noobs (not to be added to the tap counter).

Names. Good today. Except for names of noobs.

Weight. Gained back what I lost on fathers day. Went to a barbecue for a birthday on Father’s day but no fathers were present. A scale in the dressing room said I was 190 pounds with the gi on, wonder if my usual scale is inaccurate of if this one is.

Except for noobs, the cross chokes I got were from side control, half guard, and mount. I choked two blue belts and I believe a white belt but I can’t remember how exactly and on whom. So I’ll add two subs to the tap counter.

After training a while, you find that you prefer rolling with a subset of all the people at your school. Eventually, you even know when to roll with specific people. Y’know like “It’s better to roll with this person towards the end of the class because he has too much energy in the beginning and rolls like crazy until he tires out” or “roll with that guy in the beginning of a gi class only because he sweats like Niagara Falls” and the like (those were exaggerated examples btw). Sorry, was talking to someone after class about it. That and about bad injuries from rolling… someone in my school broke his thumb when it got caught in a gi while rolling, the guy I was talking to got cauliflower ear, and I armbar-swept a guy onto a treadmill.

Anyway, going on vacation. Yeah!!!!


One Response to “BJJ Class 85 and 86”

  1. Steve said

    Have a great vacation. For the record, I’m the guy who sweats like Fat Bastard in a sauna at my school! 🙂

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