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BJJ Class 87 and 88

Posted by forlogos on July 1, 2007

No monster two-and-a-half-hour sessions this week.

But I did wait so long before writing this, I don’t remember them all too well.

We learned a gi choke from side control in class 87. I was wearing my oldest gi, which has shrunk so much since, that doing this sub was very difficult – I just didn’t have enough gi material to pull around my opponents neck to choke him. So I didn’t like the sub all that much. And my partner didn’t really feel like working the sub anyway, so we just drilled side control. Some tips I picked up:

  • Keep your hips low to the ground and tight to your opponent. This makes it easier to control your opponent and harder for you to be pushed/bridged off
  • When your opponent bridges, switch your base to put more weight on him and negate the effects of the bridge. When doing the switched base thing, don’t sit your butt on the mat, rather sit on your opponent (not on top, but more to the side). Also, keep your thighs off the mat so that all the pressure is on your opponent, keeping him down
  • Face your opponent. If he is pushing you away on your face, it is much easier to counter the push if you are facing it rather than facing the other way.  If he pushes your head away, he pushes you away.  The body goes where the head goes

After the drilling the sub (or side control) there was specific rolling. The first set had you trying to maintain closed guard and your opponent trying to open it. According to the professor, if you are unable to break down your opponents posture and he is trying to open your guard, you typically have 10 to 15 seconds before your guard is opened. There was several rounds of this from both sides. It was very tiring, more tiring than regular rolling.

After that there was more specific rolling. You keep your opponent in your open guard, your opponent tries to pass. I managed to sweep a few with my spider guard (including a blue belt), although a noob was able to pass.

There was no regular rolling after.

Class 88 was very tiring. There was some warm-ups, then it was all rolling. It was also about 95 degrees that evening. Needless to say, the heat was exhausting. One roll was enough to wipe you out. I sat out on a few rolls, either chatting on the sides or teaching/learning some techniques. I really don’t remember much since the heat was just too much. It was also a gi class.  Gi + hi temps = no energy/memory.

Anyway, I found out the age of one of the guys there. I couldn’t believe he was a old as he was, exercise really keeps a person young. He rolled as if the heat didn’t affect him and he regularly beats us younger guys. He just works out a lot, doing lots of body weight exercises. So anyway, me and another guy did some exercises with him. Push-ups and dips on gymnastic rings (hard) and pull-ups (I can do five in a row). Anyway, the small post-BJJ work-out was motivating and I want to try to get to where I can do 10 or 20 pull-ups in a row and make those push-ups and dips on gymnastic rings seem easy.


Guard offense. Didn’t get to do much. Swept a few but didn’t try anything new and thus didn’t get to work on it much. A noob passed my open guard.

Guard passing. Felt like I did more of this but I don’t remember much.

Names. I forgot someone’s name that I’ve known for a while. Bad. Maybe it was the heat.

Weight. I’ve been below 195 for a while now. Good. Reached 190 today. Better.

Tap Counter. No taps this week. Maybe reaching 50 taps was too lofty a goal. Should I change this to 25?


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