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BJJ Class 89

Posted by forlogos on July 6, 2007

This was an ok gi class.

After warm-ups, white belts were split from blue belts and we learned an arm lock from butterfly guard. I liked the technique a lot so expect to see it illustrated soon.

After drilling the sub for a while, me and the guy I was working it with started trying variations and escapes. There was one escape that I tried that involved pulling your arm out a bit and moving your body closer as you pull your arm to get it free. As I tried it my right shoulder went “POP!!” Hearing (or feeling it) felt weird. But my shoulder felt fine and we continued experimenting. My right shoulder went “POP!!” again. My shoulder felt fine but I decided to quit trying that escape.

Drilling the move took up most of the class time so there was time for only one round of rolling. It was “white belts with colored belts, colored belts help the white belts.” I paired up with a blue belt I haven’t rolled with yet. I did a decent job and he said said “good job” or “nice” a few times.

Guard Passing. This one was very easy. He was just playing defense and didn’t really try to sweep me or anything, so I was able to pass rather easily.

Guard offense. Never got guard, was always on top.

Names. Didn’t do too bad I think.

Weight. For the first time in years, I’m below 190 lbs again!!

Anyway, AG came by and so I left pretty quickly right after the class. I felt fine.

I didn’t realize the damage done to my shoulder until about 4 hours later. I was laying in bed trying to sleep when I rolled to the right side of my body. I yelled from the pain – – I couldn’t put any weight on my shoulder.

I iced it immediately and repeated icing it again for the next two days. I also couldn’t raise my elbow up above shoulder level. Based on some web research, it seems I have a rotator cuff injury. Not good. After two days of ice i’ve been applying heat on the shoulder, mostly through those eight-hour or so heat pads for about two/three days now. Thanks to the ice/heat therapy the swelling has gone and my shoulder feels better. I can raise my elbow up above shoulder level (so I can put a shirt on normally again instead of taking five minutes) but I still can’t put weight on it and some movements hurt.

I’m going to see a doctor before I go back to BJJ. It doesn’t seem like a serious injury but it should still be checked out. Hopefully the damage isn’t too much and that I will recover quickly. Having surgery for something that feels “kinda ok” hopefully will not be needed and feels like overkill at this point, but I need to be sure that nothing is torn or anything as I want to get back to training ASAP and I hope it’s safe to. This injury does put a damper on my plans for competing – – there’s less than a month to go before the NAGA tournament. Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, I’m trying to see the doctor I went to for my snowboarding finger accident on Valentine’s day two and a half years ago. I’ll make another post about that.


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