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internship backgrounder

Posted by forlogos on July 6, 2007

I haven’t blogged about school (or anything but BJJ) lately, so I owe it to myself to finally write about this.

A few months ago I finally received an internship offer and I accepted.

I then started the process to get an educational leave of absence from work and training other people to do my stuff while I’m on leave. Going on leave rather than resigning is good because I have a safety net and will still be eligible for this term’s tuition reimbursement. It is a safety net because I can go back to my job, if needed, by the end date of my leave, which I picked to be in mid-January after my birthday. Leaving my stable job is hard enough, leaving it for an internship and uncertain job prospects is even more difficult. To top it off, there is nothing bad about my job – I love my boss, co-workers, everything, including the steady increase of responsibility that I’ve earned through the years – it’s just that I feel that big-Pharma isn’t right for me and I feel that my current career isn’t as fulfilling as it ought to be – I just have to get out and do something more suited to me. Anyway, I still get tuition reimbursement because I applied for it while I was still fully employed (not on leave), so by the rules of the reimbursement program, I’m still eligible for it. I won’t be eligible for the fall semester, because it will start while I am on leave and any applications I make for the program will be rejected since I am currently not fully employed (I’m on leave).

What sucks, besides having no paycheck, is that I now have to pay for the full cost of insurance. I used to pay about $20 a month, pre-tax, for full medical and dental benefits and now it’s $85 a month with taxed money. But I need the insurance as, if you haven’t been reading my blog, I have quite a few doctor appointments that I need to make.

So I started my internship in June. My unfair, unpaid internship. My job title is Brand Management Intern. Brand/product management is something I would like to get into which is why I chose this internship. The company is a small business owned by an old, senile, petty lady. Now, I’ve worked for small business before and had bad experiences – somehow though, reading about the company and surfing their webpage impressed me – so I decided to sign on. Big mistake!! I should’ve listened to my previous small business experience – but I have learned something though – I will never work for another small business again unless it is mine.

Ok, I think that’s a good backgrounder. I’ll follow this up with a post about my ongoing experience.


2 Responses to “internship backgrounder”

  1. Nugae said

    When I ran a small business I learned that there are two kinds of people: those who fit best in large organisations and those who fit best in small (dis)organisations. It’s not that one’s better than the other, it’s just how you are. We got very wary of candidates with excellent CVs who had never NOT been somewhere on an org chart. And MBAs were hopeless.

    This means that you’ve made an excellent choice of internship! There is little down-side: being an intern is not a long-term career, so there’s not much to wreck if you get it wrong. You can practise taking the initiative and using all your salesmanship/seduction skills to make the company see sense. Yes, the rightness of your ideas ought to seem obvious to them but this is not going to be the first time in your life that other people don’t see the obvious- not the first, and possibly the safest. Play around. Try things. You have nothing to lose!

    Small businesses often don’t mean what they say they mean – or even what they think they mean. That’s frustrating. It’ll make you bang your head against the wall in frustration, thus loosening your neck. BUT… they don’t usually have much in the way of office politics, the vicious long-term kind that destroys careers.

  2. forlogos said

    Sounds like you’re saying that small businesses, in general, are disorganized…

    thank you for your comment, particularly the second paragraph. And yes, small business politics aren’t as bad as the politics in corporations

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