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My scrawny neck

Posted by forlogos on July 6, 2007

I was riding the subways with AG on July Fourth stretching my neck and such like I usually do. For reasons pc-related (poor posture when staring at a computer screen at work or at home) I had a really tight area on my neck. So I stretched and stretched and really stretched my neck. I stretched so much that I pulled a muscle and now my neck is a stiff rock between my head and injured shoulder…Well, I’ve iced it for the past two days, but it’s still stiff and my neck doesn’t have its full range of pain-free motion.

It’s gonna take a week or so of light stretching and lots of heat before my neck goes back to normal…

And I thought I had learned my lesson on overstretching already. I injured my self similarly on December 1st last year. Read about that here: Ouch, neck!


5 Responses to “My scrawny neck”

  1. Nugae said

    That neck of yours sounds pretty epic. Mine’s a bit stiff from an incompetently executed forward breakfall a month ago. I thought it was just me getting old and worn out… so I guess I should be reassured that I’m not alone.

    A doctor friend of mine recommends amputation in these cases. 100% successful, she says, and the proof is that you never hear complaints from the patient afterwards!

  2. forlogos said

    Actually, to get my mind off my shoulder injury I decided to hurt my neck..It works, I haven’t whined about my shoulder in days!! LOLz!

  3. Steve said

    I’m feeling you. Seems like I’m rolling from one nagging injury to the next. Knock on wood, but I’ve been feeling pretty good lately!

    Take care!

  4. forlogos said

    hey thanks! And yeah, knock on wood, hopefully no one gets anymore self-inflicted injuries

  5. […] meaningfulness takes time, and meanwhile, Forlogos’ stiff neck made me think of injuries. He got his latest one from riding the subway doing neck stretches in […]

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