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shoulder pop and falling at the crack

Posted by forlogos on July 16, 2007

Didn’t touch this blog in a week. Injuring my shoulder kinda got me down.

It got injured while figuring escapes for a technique two weeks ago. I stopped training since my shoulder never popped before (it popped twice) and I’m too unfamiliar with this type of injury. Anyway, I didn’t get to see the doctor until a week after the injury.

Other than a tear on the ligament (or something like that) it should be fine and will heal by itself. That’s good news. I was given a month of physical therapy and was told not to do any upper body exercises in the meantime. That’s bad. I was prepping for a Naga tournament for the first week of August. Bad. I told the doc about it and he said that after two weeks of therapy, if my shoulder feels ok I can go back to training. The tournament is roughly two weeks away already. Sucks!! And if the injury doesn’t feel any better after a month of therapy, then I should see the doc again.  It sucks that this means I’m basically out of the tournament!!

And I’m out of BJJ for at least two weeks, possibly for up to a month.

In the downtime I intend to do home workouts for my cardio and lower body. I did 25 minutes on AG’s elliptical the other day, followed by about 60 lunges per leg, sit-ups, and about 60 shoulder bridges (per shoulder). The shoulder bridges don’t hurt the injury as my arms are in the T-rex arms position and don’t move. Hopefully I can do a similar workout a few times a week.

The doctor I went to was the same doctor I went to for my finger before. And since I promised to blog about that injury, here’s the story.

Two years ago on Valentine’s Day me and AG went to the crack (that’s Mountain Creek in NJ) to snowboard for the day. During the day, I was already forming a dislike for this crummy mountain. It is the most crowded mountain anywhere, worse than weekends at Hunter Mountain, and the slopes are full of rude kids (them kids!). The trails are also very badly designed and no thought was put into them. The crowd at the crack is, I’d say, about 85% snowboarders and there are two many points that are flat and uphill. So you have 85% of everyone strapping off and walking or skating at too many uphill and flat areas all throughout the mountain. Most other mountains place mounds (or big humps) through out the flats so that you are always kept moving and never have to strap off and walk. Oh, and since the crack is in Jersey and the east coast, there’s more ice than snow.  And After the injury, I just really hate this mountain.  It is blacklisted in my book.

So anyway, I was going down this trail, which was narrower than most, but just as crowded and icy. Long story short, I lost my edge and very quickly plowed into a skier (1,000 bonus points!!!). I basically went straight down into the skier, taking out the legs. My hand hit the hardboot and I saw the skier fly over and above me, with one of the skis flying high in the other direction. When I stopped moving my hand was in so much pain. While still lying on the slope, I took my gloves off to check – my hand had swollen up and felt broken. Fortunately, only my hand was hurt and I was able to ride all the way down to the ski patrol hut. I think the skier walked or rode down on the ski patrol stretcher, I don’t remember.

I iced my hand and kept it raised the rest of the day and night, even while at the party we went to afterward. We went to the ER the day after. My middle finger was badly injured, but not broken or fractured. It took months for it to feel normal, but even now it doesn’t have full range of motion and I can crack the digits in a way most people can’t.

That’s it for now…


2 Responses to “shoulder pop and falling at the crack”

  1. Steve said

    Really sorry to hear about your shoulder! Take care.

  2. forlogos said

    thanks Steve!

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