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video experiment – armbar

Posted by forlogos on July 19, 2007

I played around yesterday and made my first clip of stop-motion animation. Damn, it’s hard work!!

I obviously need to make more frames to make the motion look smoother….but I now have more respect for claymation and other stop-motion artists.

Click on the pic to see the video…

Nogi armbars Boarder. He doesn’t get it right away, but after a minor adjustment, Nogi really cranks it.


4 Responses to “video experiment – armbar”

  1. Steve said

    That’s awesome! Nice job. Would’ve been hilarious if boarder tried one last ditch attempt to roll back, and then tapped when Nogi really cranked on it! 🙂

    I couldn’t tell. Was boarder’s thumb up? 🙂

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  3. nugae said

    Yes, Boarder’s thumb was up. But Nogi’s foot wasn’t on the mat, surely?

    Don’t worry about more frames to make the motion look smoother. Actually you should go the other way and slow the frame rate to about half-speed. The step-step-step effect will be your signature visual style (like a colour version of the very first movies) and the slowness will let the viewer look at every detail without having to play the whole thing ten times over. Then perhaps he’ll notice the thumb position.

    I also have to say, though, that given the fixed amount of time you have to do things in, I’d prefer to see more of your photo sequences rather than more animations. The animation has got to have taken you 50 times as long as a photo sequence, and it’s not 50 times more valuable to me!

  4. forlogos said

    looking much closer at the pictures I used, Boarder’s thumb wasn’t up. I didn’t even think about that detail when I took the pix – kinda like how I forget when I roll. His hand was palm-up – still enough to get thim to tap…

    I won’t be doing much video – taking my usual pix would’ve needed two to three shots of the same sequence as above.

    Thank you for the comments!!

    Doing this made me realize why there are no clay/stop motion fighting movies, except for Celebrity Deathmatch

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