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getting PT and more about my injured shoulder

Posted by forlogos on August 3, 2007

After about a month of my injury, I finally started physical therapy (PT). I had wanted to get started sooner, but there were some difficulties along the way.

First off, I had to see my doctor as I’ve never hurt my shoulder before and needed to know what the injury was. For some reason (could be a big city problem) I can never get an appointment with a doctor/health-care provider within a week. So I didn’t get my appointment until a week and a half later. I blogged a little about that doctor visit here. I got a PT prescription and a follow-up appointment.

Then I went to get PT. My first stop was going to my company’s in-house PT center. By “my company” I mean the company I’m taking a leave of absence from, not the one I’m interning in. My big Pharma company has a free in-house (it’s in one of the buildings) PT center, so employees don’t have to deal with insurance & co-pays, and the company saves money since we don’t waste our time going to/from an outside PT place. Anyway, I wasn’t sure if I was eligible for the free PT since I was on leave and it turns out that I wasn’t. Going to my company’s PT center, leaving my script, waiting to find out if I was eligible, and getting my script back took about a week.

Then I spent a few days researching and looking for a regular PT place. I found one that was conveniently located and covered by my insurance company and made an appointment. The appointment was, surprise surprise, a week after my call.

I had my appointment, which was an evaluation, and learned more about my injury. Even though its recovered much from the first week, various movements – including putting on and removing t-shirts – hurt. At the same time, the shoulder is in a sorrier state than I thought. I can’t do any exercises on therabands as they cause pain, so I’m limited to isometric exercises – which basically means that my shoulder workouts are limited to pushing a towel into a wall. I also shouldn’t carry heavy things with my arm, sleep on it, or do push-ups.

My injury is a torn labrum. See this and this for more info. From what I understand, the labrum helps a lot in holding the shoulder in place, which explains why I tore it given the submission I was trying to learn to escape from (I have Snowboard Instructor illustrations of that move, but the post has been in drafts for a few weeks now – I can’t seem to bring myself to finish typing it up). Given that my injury hasn’t changed much in the past two to three weeks, I really do hope that surgery will not be required. It probably won’t be as my shoulder is pretty stable, which indicates a small tear.

Can’t wait to get back on the mat!


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