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fried motherboard

Posted by forlogos on August 11, 2007

Haven’t been online too much.

I fried my desktop’s motherboard several days ago. I went to upgrade the RAM from 512MB to 2GB and forgot to de-static-ize myself. Oh well.

I’ve opened up and messed around with my desktop’s internals many times before but I never before forgot to remove static.

It’s a five year old Pentium 4 and the store I sent it to check what the damage was going to charge $150 to replace the motherboard. Forget it. Took my computer back and will just do it myself. Bought about $90 worth of stuff including a $50 motherboard, an anti-static wrist band, thermal compound and a thermal compound remover, plus shipping for everything.

Good thing I have my laptop at AG’s place!!

I’ve done a lot of hardware related stuff before but have never ever installed a motherboard – here’s hoping I don’t fry this one…


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