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How To Report An Unfair Internship

Posted by forlogos on August 12, 2007

Building up on my last post where I reported my unfair internship, here is How To Report An Unfair Internship to the proper authorities if you ever find yourself in one:

  1. Try to determine if your internship is truly an unfair internship. Compare your internship program to what the law (the federal Fair Labor Standards Act) says. This article is a great guide.
  2. Find your local DOL office. You can find your state’s DOL website here http://www.dol.gov/esa/contacts/state_of.htm but you ultimately need to contact your local office, which might be a city or county office.
  3. Call them and let them know why you think your internship might be illegal.

That should be it. Pretty simple. Should be the same for most states, but there could be some differences.

No need to go through the steps I took (contact FLSA.com, then the National DOL office, then the State DOL office, and then finally the city DOL office).

I’m not an expert on this or anything, I just went through an experience and needed to share. If you go through an unfair internship, please share your experiences in anyway you can. Students and interns out there should now that they don’t need to go through an unfair internship and that the law (the FLSA) can help them.


7 Responses to “How To Report An Unfair Internship”

  1. exintern said

    Thanks a lot, it’s a very informative post. You’ve kept your end of the deal, so I will post about it on UnfairInternships.com. I’m sure it will be tremendously useful to the readers of the blog as several of them coming though search engines seem to be concerned with the legality of unfair internships and how to report them. Congratulations for going through the whole process. Let us know if there’s a follow-up. Also, I hope your operation goes well.

  2. […] This blogger has taken the time to go through the whole process. It took him a certain time to find out, for which we are grateful, meaning that you can take the fast lane in following his steps. […]

  3. forlogos said

    I actually do have some follow-up material, I’ll try to write it up soon!

    And thanks!

  4. exintern said

    Great. Looking forward to reading it.

  5. Abhinaw Badal said

    How to report an intrnship? what is require in intrnship for retail management !
    it is nesessary for retail student to entrnship in a large malls ?

  6. forlogos said

    to report an unfair internship.

    Is it necessary for an internship…it’s really up to what your program requires and what your goals are

  7. Jackson said

    Keep up the good work, bookmarked and referred some mates.

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