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Updated my Blogroll, again

Posted by forlogos on August 20, 2007

I read more blogs than were in my blogroll, so I updated my list that you see on the right column.  Added about 20 links…

Yes, I read that many blogs.  Not all of them post a lot and I read them while commuting around NYC and when ever I have to wait (in line, for AG, whatever…).  I use Newsgator on my smartphone, which downloads the latest posts to the phone and I can clip (save) the posts that I would like to save or comment on (when I get a ‘net connection).

And don’t even get me started on the podcasts I listen to – there’s also way too much.  I used to listen to podcasts during the 40 hours at work and while commuting and everywhere else.  I basically don’t listen to the radio or major label music, they suck anyway.  I get my news off podcasts and the web.

So, there we go


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