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weight loss

Posted by forlogos on August 20, 2007

I was never too successful in loosing weight before. This is the first time I’ve ever lost this much and have sustained it for a period of time.

The only times I ever tried to loose weight was in college, to make weight for competitions. I would pretty much just go on a crash diet, having nothing more than crackers and water for a week, and digest nothing, not even water, during the day of the weigh-in. Me and several of my taekwondo varsity team members did this and would always go for a feast after the weigh-in and stuff ourselves since weigh-ins were usually a week before the tournament. My weight loss was never sustained with this very unhealthy practice.

Anyway, I started the year at about 200+ pounds, no thanks to the holidays and having my mom over – who cooked all the good stuff I’ve been missing all these years in NY. After the holidays, I settled to the high 190s, usually weighing in at 195-198.

Then I started training for a BJJ tournament and wanted to cut some weight (I didn’t get to compete thanks to my shoulder injury). I didn’t really do much in terms of dieting or more exercise, so my weight stayed the same.

In June I went on leave from my job for an unpaid internship. I started what I call the “Poor man’s diet” or “internship diet”. The diet was based more on economics than on nutritional science: I was spending money, but wasn’t making any. To save on cash I cut back my on portion size, reduced to nothing the small “snacks” I would have during the day, and replaced a lot of my meals with smoothies. With more free time interning part-time and all, I started exercising at home too. Incidentally, my economic diet turned out to be very nutritionally sound as I was burning more calories than I was taking in.

In early July I injured my shoulder and had to stop BJJ, which didn’t stop my diet but made me change my exercise routine. Despite my not going to BJJ in the past two months, I was able to cut my weight down to 182 pounds from 198. I’ve been loosing weight steadily for the past several weeks and haven’t felt starved or deprived. I’m hoping to get down to the high 170’s and even lower. To help track this, I’ve added the weight goal to my “Goals” page.

I’m interested in hearing what other BJJ’ers do when trying to cut weight for a tournament, how do you do it and does the weight come back after the competition?


11 Responses to “weight loss”

  1. slideyfoot said

    To cut weight for the Bristol Open, I replaced dinner with a bottle of smoothie and an energy bar or two. It worked, as I certainly made weight, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it that way.

    That’s because I have pretty much been consistently ill this whole month, which I suspect is due to going too low in weight and also not getting enough nutrition due to that diet. Meant that while I made weight, I didn’t feel too healthy either at the competition or afterwards.

    Then again, I was going too low anyway. As I was only 2kg off the weight category below, I decided to cut down, thinking that it would be better as then nobody would have extra weight on me. Due to my crappy health, next time I’m just going to enter whatever weight I end up at – being ill is really fucking annoying! 😉

    Oh, and when did you change your lay-out? Confused me slightly. :p

  2. forlogos said

    How long did you try to cut weight? If you feel sick, the weight just might be too low for your body and prolly isn’t healthy to keep it there long-term.

    My lay-out? I changed it a few days ago – just trying this theme out, not too sure if I like it though

  3. Steve said

    There’s a big difference between losing weight and cutting weight, in my opinion. The distinction being whether you’re really losing weight, or whether you’re dropping water weight, or worse, messing up your metabolism. Also, from everything that I’ve read, cutting too much weight too fast will result in losing muscle mass as well we fat.

    For me, the goal is to lose body fat.

    Here’s what I’ve done. First, I try to eat sensibly all the time. I eat like 6 times a day. I’ve pretty much cut out high fructose corn syrup from my diet. That stuff is death. I try to keep cane sugar to a minimum, as well as enriched flour.

    Eat whole grains, protein from meat, and watch the sugar.

    I also drink between 1 and 2 gallons of water per day. I’m addicted to perrier, but it’s important to stay hydrated.

    Regarding cutting weight, I’ve never cut more than about 5 lbs. There’s more to it, but basically, when I exercised regularly, including 30 minutes of cardio every day plus training 3 times per week, and then ate 6 small, sensible meals and stayed hydrated, it was ridiculously easy to drop 5 lbs on the day of weigh ins. Basically, I just stopped eating on the day of weigh ins, and only sipped water. I’m confident I could’ve jumped on the bike for 1/2 hour and sweated out another 2 or 3 lbs.

    I’m not a nutritionist or anything like that. Just sharing what worked for me.

  4. slideyfoot said

    When I did it, lost the 2.5kg or so I wanted to lose about 2 months before the competition, then fell ill the week of the competition itself, meaning I lost even more weight, and have since felt pretty crappy all month. Continuing to train, albeit less often, probably didn’t help a whole lot either.

    In other words, Steve’s method is the way to go. 😉

  5. forlogos said

    Yes, absolutely right, there is a difference between cutting weight and losing weight. Admittedly, I was using them interchangeably and kept going from one topic to the other

    And yeah, it would be better to loose weight even before a competition comes around, rather than trying to cut weight a few weeks beforehand. Also, with most weigh-ins happening the day of the competition (at least over here) nowadays, it makes sense to be at your best natural weight so that you can perform at your best

    2 Gallons a day is a lot of water!!

    Slideyfoot, I don’t understand how replacing dinner with bottled smoothies and energy bars made you ill…of course, I don’t know much you ate before that. Or do you mean you replaced all meals with smoothies and bars?

  6. supercrap said

    I dropped from 72 kilos to 67 kilos during the two weeks leading up to my last competition.

    I did it by cutting my dinner portions in half, training at least one day more than usual, pushed myself harder than usual in training, cut out all snacks that weren’t raw veggies or fruit, and having a fucking strenous job involving teaching kids in 35 degree celsius heat.

    What is really weird, though, is that after the comp, the weight stayed off. Anyway, at our low level, I wouldn’t recommend too much hardcore “cutting” of weight. Plus, we usually weigh in just a few hours before the fight, so there isn’t much chance to rehydrate. Better to stick to a category you are comfortable in, or plan ahead and take a month at least if you want to drop substantially in weight.

    I don’t think you need to do anything drastic… eat healthy, eat less, exercise more.

  7. Steve said

    “I don’t think you need to do anything drastic… eat healthy, eat less, exercise more.” Exactly!

    And forlogos, 2 gallons is a lot! I recognize that… but as I said, I’m addicted to that mineral water. I’ll knock back 2 liters of Perrier or Pelligrino in no time. 2 gallons is probably what I drink on days where I’m rolling at class. On most days, I’m probably in the 1 gallon area. Some people say not to drink at class, but I sweat a lot and if I don’t drink water, I get nauseous, particularly if we’re going at it pretty good.

  8. supercrap said

    Hehe yeah, and if you don’t drink water, your body gets stinky. I always chug down during training. Can’t get enough of that cool, pure water. Beats any sports drink.

  9. forlogos said

    yeah, water rules!!

    I drink in class but am careful not to overdrink as I don’t like that bloated feeling

    Thanks for all the comments guys, it’s good to see we’re all going at it in a smart way (not in the stupid way I used to do in college)

  10. slideyfoot said

    Slideyfoot, I don’t understand how replacing dinner with bottled smoothies and energy bars made you ill…of course, I don’t know much you ate before that. Or do you mean you replaced all meals with smoothies and bars?

    Oops, missed that – just to clarify, yeah, only dinner. I think because I don’t eat all that much anyway (I sometimes forget to eat if I’m doing something else, especially lunch), meant that my immune system gave up due to not much nutrition coming in. At least I think so: it could well have been something completely unreleated, but rather coincidental if so.

  11. forlogos said

    oh, I see….I see on your blog that you’re doing better, that’s good!

    I was just thinking, when someone gets sick, they tend to eat less too. So intentionally doing it before getting sick would be much worse than just getting sick alone.

    Am woozy!!

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