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More about my labrum

Posted by forlogos on August 22, 2007

My shoulder injury has improved somewhat since I got it about two months ago. I say somewhat because even though it’s getting better, it’s taking a real, real sloooooooooooooooow time improving. As a matter of fact, I could almost say it hasn’t changed.

Anyway, I went back to my doctor the other day…

It sucks not knowing for sure what your injury is… my doctor (an orthopedic doc) and his Physician Assistant suspect a labrum tear and all symptoms point to it, but they aren’t 100% sure. So I finally got an MRI and we’ll find out for sure what the injury is and how big or small the damage is.

They said I could go back to training, but very lightly. Hearing this made my day and I decided to go back to training in two days.

The day after, I told my physical therapist this and he explained that any time I put weight on my arm/shoulder, it stresses the injury, and could make it worse. This makes posting my arm out to avoid being swept or just to maintain base something I should avoid, but with the randomness of rolling and all – it’s mostly a bad idea to go back to BJJ now, even if all my rolling doesn’t include stand-up. Guess my doc doesn’t know what happens in BJJ.

I decided to wait to see the MRI results before making any training decisions.

Most likely my injury is a small tear. It’s small enough that activities of daily living (putting clothes on, walking, eating,etc…) isn’t affected, but it does hurt when I put on or remove a shirt. So for the most part, the injury isn’t severe and I’m not a surgery candidate. Some people will be able to live with this injury and avoid any surgery, but I do want to get this injury better so I can go back to BJJ. And if it’s not BJJ, it’s going to be another martial art. The point is, martial arts has always been a part of my life and I want it to continue being a part of it. If surgery is necessary to be able to put weight on the arm, swing it, punch with it, block with it, then I will choose surgery.

I’ll know the results of the MRI in a week.

An MRI wasn’t taken before as the injury was too “fresh” when I saw the doc the first time. I guess all the swelling would’ve made for a less than optimal image. I posted before about how in NY you can never have an appointment with a healthcare professional within a week of setting it up – well, right after the doc appointment I walked into the MRI place they recommended, as it was in the same building, and got my appointment right away. Filled out some forms and had my MRI immediately. Wow.


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