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Haven’t had surgery yet

Posted by forlogos on September 16, 2007

I really dislike how doctor’s appointments take so long here in NY (yes, I’ve complained a few times about this before).

I found out I needed surgery, told the doc I’d think about it. I did a lot of research and asked a bunch of people what they thought for a week. Then I called my doc to tell him that I’ll do it.

I had to schedule an appointment with my doc to do this so I called for an appointment. As usual, you can’t have an appointment with a healthcare provider within a week in NY, so I had to wait a week and half for an appointment where we were going to discuss the date of surgery and some other things. (Doesn’t that sound so corporate? Having a meeting to schedule a meeting.) So I have my appointment and learn that I need to go to my primary care doc to have a physical and get some specific blood work done.

So I have to wait a week to see my primary doc to get these tests done.

I think it takes a week for the results of these tests to come out. Which is kinda bad since I scheduled the surgery for the first available date, which will happen during the week that my test results will be processing.

So when I find out when the results will be available, I’ll likely have to change my surgery date. Which could potentially move my surgery date back a week or two. Counting the weeks involved to get this surgery done (starting from the second paragraph), it will take about four and a half weeks to get this procedure done. Yeesh!! I just want to get this done with already…


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