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video of what my surgery might be like

Posted by forlogos on September 20, 2007

This video is what I think will be closest to what my upcoming surgery will be like.

This one below should be pretty similar…

There’s no way to tell exactly what will be done until a surgeon goes in with an arthroscope since x-rays and MRIs aren’t enough to give an accurate picture of what exactly is going on with the injury.

Based on what my doc sees when he goes in, the following might happen:
– A screw/suture (or more) will be drilled into my shoulder
– excess (I believe excess labrum or cartilage) will be shaved or cut-off
– a combination of the above

The first will have a longer healing time than the second, either way I’m going to be in a sling for a bit and will need therapy.

If I’m provided with a video of my procedure I’ll be sure to post it up here


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