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Posted by forlogos on October 1, 2007

Had my surgery 3 days ago.

For minimally invasive surgery, I’m going through a lot more pain than I expected.  I wonder how the pain was for the old, invasive type of surgery…

Good thing I have my Vicodin (hydrocodone pain meds), but it isn’t enough.  Icing the site helps a lot.  I always knew to put ice on fresh injuries, but somehow I never ever thought of it for use in post-op.  Ice and Vicodin, ahh!!

I had a long wait before my surgery.  The surgeon was expecting the patient before me to be really quick.  Turns out s/he had a more complicated situation and it took a lot longer.  For me, he was expecting it to be hard and difficult, but it turned out to be rather simple.  (The reason for this is because x-rays and MRI’s don’t give you a full idea of the injury, so the doc only knows for certain what needs to be done once he goes into your shoulder and “sees” and operates on your shoulder.

So my surgery was rather simple.  Although I was in and out of it after my surgery, I understand that there were no screws or sutures attached, and I had some “excess” removed.  Guess I’ll find out for certain when I go for my follow-up.

It’s funny, before the surgery the last person I saw was the anesthesiologist (did I spell that right?) as he was telling me where he was going to stick the needle.  I felt something prick me by the neck, then I woke up in another room, tubes and wires on me, my surgery all done.  My arm was in a sling, I was cold, and I couldn’t speak very well.  They said a tube was in my throat.  I don’t know why a tube was needed in my throat.  Besides making it hard for me to talk for the next two days, it was also very hard to swallow food and drink, which would make me throw up and cough uncontrollably.   Anyway, am glad that the throat thing is done.

I got a glimpse of some arthroscopic pictures of my surgery, I hope I get to see them and get to keep some copies!!!

I’ll be going back to recovering now…


2 Responses to “..recovering…”

  1. newjackprofessor said

    It’s good to see that you finally had your surgery. Hope you have a speedy recovery…

  2. forlogos said

    Thank you!

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