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more on recovering…

Posted by forlogos on October 5, 2007

I haven’t been doing much. My arm is in a sling and I can’t (read:shouldn’t) move my right arm one bit. It hurts if I so much as inch my shoulder in any direction. And since I can’t move it, I need to have my arm inside my shirt. Needless to say, I’m constantly shirtless at home. If I go for a walk, I always get weird looks when people first think I don’t have an arm then they see my hand poking out near my belly with my arm inside. I try to open up the top of my shirt a bit so gawkers can see the white surgical dressing all over my shoulder…

My plan was to take Monday off work and go to school at night. Didn’t happen. The day after, I called in sick from work due to pain. On Wednesday I went to work, but stayed only an hour and a half. I went home since the pain meds made me woozy. Skipped school too. I called in sick for thursday. Today, friday, I don’t have work. I effectively took a whole week off from everything.

I must’ve been in a lot of pain from the surgery, last friday, through all of tuesday. I had been taking my vicodin religiously and was not getting any adverse reactions. It didn’t bother me at all. Which is why I was so surprised that it made me woozy at work on wednesday. That was the first time the meds affected negatively, and it has been doing so since. Guess the degree of pain I’ve been suffering has gone down, which is why I’m now feeling the effects of the drug.

Am woozy as I type this. With my left hand. On a laptop. The touchpad is driving me crazy as it keeps moving the cursor around as I type. I should disable it.

I also kind of settled into a routine. Wake up, feed turtles, ice, eat, surf, watch turtles, ice, nap. Over and over until midnight when I try to go to bed.

I was given an “ice machine” to help with the pain. You put ice cubes and water in this mini-icebox thing. Then you strap this pad all over shoulder and connect the two together with some flexible tubing. The machine circulates ice cold water through the shoulder pad. It turns the circulation on an off, to regulate the temperature to about 45 degrees F. Pretty neat. My theory is that it keeps it at that temp since its cold enough to numb the pain, but still warm enough that it lets your wounds and incisions heal. I’d been using that twice a day for four hours each. Yesterday, thursday, was the first time that I didn’t use it.

Also, yesterday, I tried to delay my dose of pain meds. I was able to go off the meds (delay my dose) for 30 minutes without feeling too much pain. Previously, it would start hurting really bad an hour (sometimes more) before my next scheduled dose.

I disabled the touchpad. I can type without going crazy now.


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