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current internship

Posted by forlogos on October 23, 2007

Haven’t written about my current internship. Haven’t written much about B-school since I finally reported my unfair internship for FLSA violations.

Anyway, the summer term ended and I had two A’s and a B (I think). My internship ended and I went on break, with neither school nor an internship for a few weeks (ahhh). I spent my time looking for new internships or a job, working out, and doing my shoulder physical therapy exercises.

I started looking for a job and internships equally when my “vacay” started. As the start of the fall term got closer and closer, I searched for more internships and less jobs. Toward the end of August, I had a few interviews. I spoke with some people about jobs, but I wasn’t qualified for one reason or another (I had classes at 6pm and would need to leave at 5pm, but their hours were until 6pm – stupid reason of theirs, I know, but their loss). I also had a few great interviews for internships.

In the end, it came down to two companies offering me paid internships. I’d never been in this kind of situation before where I would need to turn an offer down. I turned down the company that I thought would be a better company for me if I wanted to pursue a career in their niche industry but thought would get along better with the people there (company Q) and accepted the offer that would expose to more things and provide me with a bigger learning experience (company W). They paid better too. So far, I’ve been enjoying my internship and am certainly learning a lot.

When I was deciding between the two companies, Q and W (random arbitrary numbers – to protect their privacy), I couldn’t quite explain why I felt like if I were accepting a job (long-term) and not an internship (only as long as the semester) I would choose company Q over W. But thanks to surgery-related Vicodin enlightenment, I know why now: the people!! Don’t get me wrong, the people where I am now, company W, are great. Both are tech-like companies, laid back, and very comfortable – everyone is nice and friendly and cooool. Guess I picked up on these hints unconsciously back then which is why I had the whole job vs. internship thing that I couldn’t explain. So here goes…

The people at W, where I am now are into: football, poker, dislike cold weather.

The people at Q, which I turned down are into: martial arts, snowboarding, skiing.

Doesn’t it all make sense now?

Anyway, in a few weeks I have to start thinking about my plans for the spring term. I’d like to have a different type of marketing internship by then. I’ve been learning more about marketing through internships and would like to continue broadening my experience. So far, I’ve experienced marketing consulting (in the summer) and now online marketing. I’d like to do some consumer-based product marketing or business-to-business marketing next.


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