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Posted by forlogos on October 23, 2007

I feel like I’ve been away from the blogosphere for such a long time – I feel kinda weird typing this right now.

I’m doing ok and recovering all right.

After surgery, I had a week “off”.  I was totally switched off and lost track of everything – school projects, tests, work, sunshine.  Then I had one week of getting back to normal wearing the arm sling everywhere and now I’ve been free from that sling for a while. As soon as my head started clearing up from all the Vicodin, I had to stuff my head full of knowledge again as I found myself smack in the middle of mid-terms season.

Studied for a test, wrote a few papers, and have a few more papers due soon.  Everything is just so hectic.  In addition my sister and her family are moving out of the country to go back home, so I’ve been spending as much (weekend) time with them as possible. And I’m starting physical therapy tomorrow.

I think I’ve pretty much caught up on everything that I was switched off from after the surgery.  It’s too bad that I had to have one very bad midterm test and a few lousy papers in the interim.

I feel like my last few posts have been surgery this, surgery that.  I want to stop writing about it and get past it already.  Well, after I do the few surgery-related posts I’ve been thinking about.  Then no more.


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