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Surgery pictures

Posted by forlogos on December 26, 2007

Ok, it’s been awhile since I last wrote anything and an even longer time since my surgery…

I was able to borrow my surgery pics from my doc. I took them home and scanned them in. Thought I’d share, hope you don’t get grossed out or anything.

Just to recap, here’s what was done…
-three incisions around the shoulder were made with a scalpel that each needed stitches
-the tear in my labrum (fibrous cartilage where the shoulder socket rests on and holds the bone) was cut off. The subscapularis tear was “debrided” and the bucket handle tear was “excised” with biters and shavers
-no sutures, screws, or any hardware was needed since the connections were stable
-my bursa (a fluidy sack like thing in the shoulder) was made smaller as it was hypertrophic and needed to be “excised”
-the space between my clavicle and the bone it connects to was increased (bone was shaved)
-the whole procedure was done using an arthroscope. That’s where a small camera is inserted into an incision and into your body

And here are the pix…I don’t really know what the pix are of and I’m going by memory from what my doc told me about two months ago.

First page of pictures that accompanied the surgery report

Second page of pictures.

Now closeups of each picture:

The first picture.

The second picture.

The third picture. I think this is the labral tear.

The fourth picture.

The fifth picture.

The sixth picture.

The seventh picture. I think this is an “after” pic of the labrum after it was “cleaned up”

The eighth picture.

The ninth picture.

Like I said, I don’t really know what the pictures are of, aside from the fact that they’re my surgery pics. If you know what that pictures are of, let me know, that would be awesome.

And, after some two and a half months, my arm has 99.99% range of motion. Almost there…


4 Responses to “Surgery pictures”

  1. supercrap said

    Wow! Congratulations dude!

    What are you going to call it? How far along are you?!

    Just kidding. Hope you are well. Any chance of getting back to training some time?

  2. forlogos said

    hehehe… I was gonna name the first one Lassie

    Anyway, yeah – I’m doing quite well. I’m near the end of my therapy – a month or so to go…I should be back in the mat again after that…can’t wait to be a noob again!

  3. Heal up man! Sorry you had to go through that!

  4. forlogos said

    thanks man!!

    I’m sorry too, I don’t wish it on anyone

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