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Finally got all my grades

Posted by forlogos on December 28, 2007

It’s been a while since I blogged about school.  Recovering from surgery, going to therapy, having 4 classes, working 4 full days a week, getting stressed about bills and my rapidly declining cash stash – just kept me away from blogging.  I’m not done through all of that yet, but I’m not gonna turn this post into a big long complaint.

So anyway, I finally got all my grades for the term.  I like them. I got A‘s across the board.  My GPA for the term is a perfect 4.0, which brings my cumulative GPA to 3.833.  Not bad, eh?

This was my worse term yet, given my tight schedule (4 classes and 4 days of work), and the fact that all the classes I took required quite a bit of work.  Over the term I wrote about 14 papers, several shorter papers, read a few books for class, and did a few presentations.  So I’m very happy with my A’s.

Thank you, thank you


2 Responses to “Finally got all my grades”

  1. jiujitsu365 said

    Good stuff….

    How’s the rehab going?


  2. forlogos said


    Rehab is going well – I should be on the mat again in a month or two. Range of motion is almost all back….almost there!

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