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Okemo – Feb 2nd

Posted by forlogos on February 22, 2008

On February 2nd, me, AG, and my friend I, went by bus to Okemo. On the way there, we ran into another boarder, who joined us for the rest of the day. So we became friends with him, let’s call him R.

All in all, it was a good day. Great snow in the morning, getting icier in the pm. Typical good east coast conditions. The lower mountain had good conditions for most of the day. Me and AG did a lot of runs with R. It was my friend’s I second time to go boarding, Belleayre was his first.

Emilios Ski Shop’s bus drivers are really bad this year. It took two or so more hours than usual to get home and an hour more to get there. This year, they seem to be using GPS devices that are set to “shortest route” rather than “quickest time”. This has translated into more local roads, less highways, less speed, and a great deal of more time. All the trips I’ve taken with them this year has taken longer than usual. It took more than three hours one time to get to Hunter!! Overall though, they still provide a great and convenient deal…

Some Okemo pix:

Here’s R in the foreground, making his down a blue

And AG, down the same blue trail

And a blurry version of that

Here’s R after going down some steeps. Can’t remember if it was a single or double black…

And AG going down that same steep…

R and AG going down a steep portion of a cruiser

view from one of the chairlifts

Some snow-gunned trees at the peak


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