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BJJ Class 90 – at last!

Posted by forlogos on March 18, 2008

I’m tired, my clothes stink, my face looks like I was hit with golf balls, my fingertips are sore, my arms and shoulders are red and bruising, and I have mat burn on my foot. Man, it’s great to be back in jiu-jitsu!!!

After re-activating my membership in the school, I told my professor about my surgery and he said I should take it easy in class. Warm-ups were ok, I did everything but the sprawls, which didn’t feel good with my shoulder. We then drilled a couple of hip throws, but only after I told my partner not to yank my arm. After that was rolling.

It was great. After 8 and a half months away from the mat, I still have some roll in me. I was paired off with a blue belt who was much smaller and whom I outweighed by some 30-40 or more pounds. I dominated the roll and got him with an Americana straight away. After that, I swept him immediately (I didn’t think I was going to be able to), then I spent the rest of the round on top on side control, knee-on-belly, and north-south.

My next roll was with a 3-month white belt. Having not rolled in a while, I must’ve been just crazy excited to get to roll again. I completely dominated. Got him with an americana, a second americana which I sunk deep but let go off before he tapped, a clock choke, several sweeps and a few failed armbar attempts. After him was with a white belt that’s been training for a month. He was good, he said he was training almost everyday. While this round was more even, I got him with an americana (seems to be my fave sub) and I was defending a lapel choke from half-guard when time ran out.

By this time, I felt like my ego was inflated. Fortunately, I rolled next with a white belt that’s been training for a year and a half. I only managed to sweep him once, while he got me with a triangle, and he completely smothered me. I’m glad I got that reality check.

Rolling kept going after that, but I had to rush home as I was expecting some people.

Besides my professor and the club secretary, only a few people noticed that I was back. I must’ve been gone a real, long while, since most of the people that were training with me before didn’t recognize/remember me, even when I said hi. Oh, well. I ran into a few BJJ people in the street a few times during my off period, and they were all surprised to hear how long I’ve been out. Either they all have bad memories from all the many different faces on the mat, or I’m really not just memorable. Whatever. Anyway, there was a ton of new faces in class and my buddies weren’t there today, I guess they were out drinking since it was St. Pattie’s day.

I’ve yet to set some new training goals. I’m sure I’d like to get back to and surpass the level that I was in before, but I still have to think of a plan of how to get there. Besides attending class, I mean. Some things I noticed today was that my mount was horrible, I had a decent side control, and I don’t squeeze my legs together when I attempt an armbar. Some stuff to work on. Oh, my guard game sucks now, and my passes are lousy and very loose. A lot of technique to work on. On the plus side though, I was able to relax and breathe through out the rolls and didn’t gas myself. I think I’ll reset my tap counter to today’s class as well.

Anyway, this is too long of a post and I feel like my writing skills are really out of practice. With BJJ back in my activities, I’ll be doing this blogging thing quite often now…


11 Responses to “BJJ Class 90 – at last!”

  1. supercrap said

    Hey dude! Excellent to hear you are back on the mat. Must feel good.

    Good to see that you haven’t completely lost your BJJ either. See how your body feels the morning after, though… ouch!

    I’m going through a tough period myself, I have almost constant cold symptoms (cough, runny nose, sore throat etc…) and it is really interfering with my training. I’m slowly figuring it out with my doctor though so I’m looking forward to being back to regular training soon. Your patience and happiness at being back is a good inspiration for me.

    Looking forward to reading more.

  2. crosschoke said

    Congratulations for making it back on the mat. I was only gone for two weeks with my MCL problem and in those two weeks I went from being kind of bad to really really bad. Ah well.

  3. forlogos said

    thanks for the great words guys!! It’s nice to be back in the saddle. My body’s not all that achey actually – must be all the snowboarding I’ve been doing, hehe

    getting a cold sucks, usually when I start feeling the symptoms I start chowing down on cold remedies – hope you get better soon

  4. forlogos said

    I know exactly what you mean cross-choke…take care of that knee,man

  5. Steve said

    Glad you made it back! It seems like so many people get discouraged and never return to training. Obviously, you had accumulated a large amount of mojo in your time off, putting on a keylock clinic!

    Take care.

  6. supercrap said

    I hope you don’t mind me spamming, but I’ve made some t-shirts, from one BJJ/MMA fan to another, please take a look if you have time!


  7. forlogos said

    Thanks Steve! Mojo? most likely its from all the Jiu-jitsu training blogs like yours I read during my time off…

    Supercrap, not spam at all – those shirts are hot!! Am gonna order myself one once I figure out how many dollars 12.90 euros is

  8. supercrap said

    19.91502 U.S. dollars… a steal! 😉

  9. forlogos said

    I’m ordering one right now…

    why don’t you try printing on rash guards? I’d get one of those too

  10. jiujitsu365 said

    Hey, it’s good to see that you are back. Your blog was the first BJJ blog that I ever read and actually influenced me to start blogging…. (NewJackProfessor, etc.)

    You had a hell of a return to class too. They may not have remembered who you were but they know who you are now….

  11. forlogos said

    hehe, at least some of them do. I’m starting to think what happened at that class was a fluke. Or my excitement in coming back gave me an extra boost of mojo! Whatever it was, I hope it stays for the long-term

    Cool, I can’t remember if you told me that before, but I’m happy to have got you started – thanks!!

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