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BJJ Class 92 – busy

Posted by forlogos on April 2, 2008

Class 91 was a whole week ago. With school starting again after Spring Break and Easter Week (I go to a Jesuit university so we have an extra week off), my already packed schedule just got even busier. Thanks to school projects, taxes, and other happenings I’m a bit behind with blogging, as usual.

Ok, a shoulder throw was drilled after warm-ups. I paired off with an extra tall, heavy guy which made an already awkward-feeling technique even more difficult. I did pick up a very good pointer on positioning your arm during the throw – keep it tight and close to your body, preferably to the front. This is important because having your arm positioned otherwise highly increases the risk of a shoulder injury.

That prolly didn’t make any sense, so I’ll try to find some material on it on the interweb and link to it.

After the throwing drill, I rolled with the tall guy and was surprised by my ability to keep my open guard. Of course I don’t really know his skill level but he did mention he was training on & off for about a year. My hips were mobile and all his pass attempts were neutralized. I rolled with a small blue belt after who completely p*wnd me. I did learn a nice attack you can do from the turtle position, though. It’s real basic but I’ll try to get some photos of it.

No taps on this class. I think I mentioned before about not wanting to concentrate on taps too much. From here on I’ll concentrate on making my technique tight (not sloppy). If an opportunity presents itself, I’ll take it. But, I want to concentrate on technique, using proper leverage & positioning, and not muscling anything.


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