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BJJ Class 93 – visible bruising

Posted by forlogos on April 2, 2008

Whew, what a long tiring class!

Warm-ups were proceeded with doing the armbar from guard flow drill. Y’know, the one where you do an armbar on your back with a partner and then quickly flow into an armbar on the opposite side. Yeah, that drill. I had forgotten how tiring that exercise was. I remember doing that almost a year ago – I was able to switch smoothly and quickly from side to side AND I wouldn’t get as tired as I did today.

Anyway, we drilled the basic scissor sweep after that. Although I was able to do the scissor sweep a few times in the past two weeks, I’m glad we went through this as I was able to pick up a few details that I had been skipping or forgetting completely. I guess I’ll illustrate the sweep and variations we did with my snowboard instructors. Yeah, I miss playing working with those guys.

After the sweep, we did rotation sparring, with the objective of the base group to submit or sweep the rotating people, whose objective was to guard pass. If a sweep or sub was done, the rotating person would go to the back of the rotating group line. If a pass was made, the passer switches to the base group and the other guy joined the rotating group. I didn’t get to pass anyone, but I was able to do some good sweep defense, with some of the blues and purples complementing me. I didn’t realize before how much I love to stand when trying to pass. I don’t know if I did that a lot before, but I sure am doing lots of it now.

I can’t say that I got to work on proper technique and unsloppiness, as I didn’t even think about it during the rolling. I did feel much better about my technique and it felt less sloppy. If anything, I want to roll with fellow whitebelts more so I can concentrate on technique better rather than just trying to get something done. I’d like to take my time and be sure I do techniques the proper way.

I did an awful lot of rolling and got that “I just want to sit down” feeling. It was great, I haven’t felt that in a while, even with snowboarding. During one of my rolls with either of two particular purple belts, I got shin kicked in the kisser. I now have an enlarged, purple spot on my lip. Wonder how many of my co-workers are going to notice and ask about the visible bruising….


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