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BJJ Class 94 – Frogger

Posted by forlogos on April 13, 2008

This class was great! Well, I don’t know if I’ve ever thought of any class being bad – there’s always something to learn or work on and people to roll with….

Warm-ups were different from the other classes, as one of the purple belts led it. We ran in circles, did leapfrogs over everyone several times, and did a lot of jumping. With the day being 60 degrees and very humid with light rain on and off, it was probably the first really hot training session of the year (it was mine at least). Needless to day, we were all spent by the time warm-ups were over.

The armbar from guard drill was next after warm-ups. It’s still very tiring to do and I gassed after the first 20 reps. I was able to slowly work my way to 50 reps, but man, what a workout on the legs, abs, and neck!! We worked an armbar to triangle from guard move after that.

Positional rolling was after, with just one person playing guard and the other trying to pass. In the first round, the guard guy could only go for arm/shoulder subs. In the second, only chokes. Third was chokes and arm/shoulder subs only. The fourth was chokes, arm/shoulder subs, and sweeps.

I rolled with a guy with a few months less experience than me and who was back for only a month from a long break, just like me. Except he was out from BJJ for two years and I was gone for just 9 months. Anyway, I got to work a lot on my passing technique. It’s feeling less and less sloppy which has me feeling much better. Am still making some mistakes such as bad grip or arm placement and I seem to have only two passing techniques: get some distance, press legs together, pass and get distance, pass one leg over guard, then pass the other. I gotta fix them up and work on some other techniques. Twice I went for the basic under the leg pass and gave away the triangle – one I was able to escape from but both times were because I forgot to grab my opponent’s lapel after passing my arm under a leg.

Working on my guard, I don’t seem to have a submission game. None of my attempts were even close and my set-up attempts were all seen a mile away. I really have to work on this. My guard defense seemed pretty good, with my opponent unable to pass my open guard at all. Once he got half-guard, but I was able to quickly sweep him over. I really want to get to play my guard defense against someone better than me cause I’d really like to see where I am. Least I know that my guard offense needs a lot of work….

Sparring from my back became a different game once sweeps were permitted, as I started sweeping left and right. Mostly the basic scissor sweep and the sit-up/kimura sweep. I was able to get an ezekiel choke from mount off a sweep pretty quickly, but stopped going for subs after that. The first sweep felt like I muscled it and really wanted to work on the technical side of it.

Since returning to the jits, here’s how my game has felt: bad offense on my back, better defense and sweeps, horrible mount, decent side control, less sloppy passing, and lousy turtle attacks. The bad, horrible, and lousy parts are really bad, horrible, and lousy, whereas the better, decent, and less sloppy stuff I’m not really sure about. I’ve been back for just a month and haven’t had the chance to roll with a big variety of people yet, so I don’t really know what better and decent really means. Less sloppy on the other hand is just something I feel.

Whew, what a long post…


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