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Bjj class 95 – tips

Posted by forlogos on April 16, 2008

Another great class today!

Warm-ups were done individually. I did a lot of arm and shoulder exercises, for obvious reasons, and several hip/leg stretches, as my hip has been acting up again.

We immediately went to a double-leg stack guard pass to armbar. I worked the pass and armbar on both sides (going left and right), and the weaker side feels very awkward, loose, and lousy. Weird thing is that, at this very moment, I can’t remember which side is my better side…Oh well. I did finally get to take some pix of my snowboard instructors showing the moves – hopefully I can post them over the weekend.

After that, we did rotation 3-step sparring. This has one person do three moves, then the other person does three moves, then the first person again and then back and forth. The three moves might be 1) pull guard, 2) sweep, 3) armbar from mount. The other person might 1) escape the submission, 2) pass to side control, 3) mount. So any three moves that flow with each other per person. This was a nice way to spar and it was nice to be able to concentrate on actual technique and trying to flow from position to position. With live rolling, it gets easy to concentrate simply on just defending or maintaining position. While those are important too, taking those parts out of the roll opens it up to a different way of thinking and strategizing. It was nice and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Since it was rotation sparring, I found myself out of the rotation a few times, waiting for the next spot. At one point, one of the purple belts that was training (but not with the class) asked to roll, regular rolling that is. I feel like that roll has been the most beneficial since I came back to the jits. Some tips I picked up:

  • when passing spider guard the way I usually do (grab the pants cloth by the inside of both knees to control the legs), it has to be done quickly. Standing up is fine (which I seem to be doing a lot of lately) but I have to quickly drop down to put my weight on my opponent again when the pass is complete
  • when defending a kimura when under side control, trapping your arm by your legs is only a temporary escape. It’s better to quickly hipscape away
  • when defending against a choke, there is a point where I have to stop defending my collar and actually work on removing my opponent’s wrist. I have to pay more attention to that point in time and take the necessary action rather than continue to fight a lost cause

There was also something about not standing up when I’m not passing, cause then I turn the game to judo, which I don’t want to do. Anyway, after class I rolled some more with a white belt. Nothing significant happened other than I couldn’t really pass and he couldn’t really establish guard. Stalemate.


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