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Yet another update

Posted by forlogos on June 18, 2008

Since the last time I went to BJJ, it has been two months.

After the first three weeks of time off, my shoulder felt like it had recovered and felt great – then while doing my physical therapy exercises, I went and did lat pull downs with 40 pounds. I felt something crack or pull in my shoulder and I was out of commission again. Bummer.

Since I foolishly signed a one-year contract when I had restarted BJJ, I was seriously thinking of getting a doctor to write a letter to have the contract cancelled due to health reasons… I had accepted (and went all sad and stuff) the fact that I would stop BJJ 😦

But my shoulder has started feeling pretty good again, and I just can’t stay away from the jits… so I will start BJJ again but take it really easy. If I hurt my shoulder again, that’s it. It is a sign, no more jiu-jitsu for me. I’ll take a multi-year break and go take some Muay Thai (man, I miss kicking).

I don’t really feel like saying much about other parts of my life, but here’s a quickie: I’ve been at my new job for three months now, grad school still sucks but is going well, and (obviously) snowboarding season has ended. Oh, and I’m shopping for a ring…


5 Responses to “Yet another update”

  1. Steve said

    Good luck. I hope that shoulder hangs tough.

  2. Steve said

    Oh, and for whatever reason you’re looking for a ring, congratulations!

  3. forlogos said

    thank you, thank you….

    And the ring, Yeah, I’m getting ready to shed my bachelorhood away!

  4. Steve said

    That’s awesome. Best wishes. My wife and I are into year 15 and it’s been terrific so far. Good luck.

  5. forlogos said

    thank you! And that’s great to hear..congratulations!

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