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BJJ Class 98 – Total reNoob

Posted by forlogos on June 19, 2008

So, I went back to BJJ.

I’m gonna take it slow, just one class a week. My school no longer offers a monthly rate for just one class a week, so I’m going to need to fight the temptation to go more than once…But I’ll also need to fight the temptation to go all out, train hard, roll ’till I can’t stand anymore, and say ‘yes’ to anyone that wants to roll… Man, I’ve got a real challenge!

After two months off, I wasn’t surprised at the plethora of new faces and the many new faces with skill. I am surprised, however, at the growth of women joining the academy. There used to be just one regularly training girl and now there are four.  That and there were a lot of promotions recently…

Class was a blur. It was all rolling. And since it was rotation rolling with a base row, there were no noobs to roll with. This return wasn’t as great as last time. My technique felt worse than ever and I was just one big pile of suck.

I sucked big time. And my suckiness must’ve seemed even more sucky as I did only every other roll and I turned down more offers to roll than I can remember. Oh well, injuries suck.

Oh, and I forgot to trim my nails so when I pulled guard once, half of one of my fingernails popped out and completely went the wrong way. I yelled ouch, bent it back, and my opponent said “you should cut your nails before class!” That made me suck even more.

Besides all that, rolling again was nice. It feels great to be back. I hope I get to stay for the long-term this time around!



5 Responses to “BJJ Class 98 – Total reNoob”

  1. Steve said

    It’s almost like starting over again. Did you recognize anyone?

  2. forlogos said

    it was totally like starting over again – my technique felt much worse than it did a few months ago…

    lol, yeah I recognized some people, some of them recognized me too – but with the summer season, the influx of new people was really huge..as I’m sure it must be in most other schools too

  3. supercrap said

    Suck up that suckiness, soldier. It’s natural.
    I’m just easing myself back in now, going through the same process of limiting myself to once a week and rolling very light to avoid re-breaking my foot.
    Great to hear you are back in business, though.

  4. In my old academy I cut one of my regular rolling partners with my big toenail. It look like he had gotten stabbed.

    When he looked at his arm he didn’t know how it happened and then I sheepishly admitted that it was my foot. I felt like a jerk.

    It happens….

  5. forlogos said

    You’re back on the mat already? wow, that was really quick, I thought you’d be out of action much longer than that….hope things are well.

    and with nails, oh, that’s gross…..It happens yes, but it sucks when stuff like that happens. Seems very unhygenic – hopefully we can just remember to trim our nails

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