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BJJ Class 99 – anniversay

Posted by forlogos on July 4, 2008

Went to BJJ class… This class marks the one year anniversary of my shoulder injury. Just like today, it was the very first BJJ class I could attend in July and it also fell before the fourth of July. Thankfully, there were no injuries today – just a session of some good rolling.

As is usual with classes this year, I arrived too late for the first class and too early for the next class. I stretched and warmed up on the sides and was welcomed in to join the rolling of the first class. I rolled with a blue belt who played defense the whole time. My control felt loose and noobish, but it was nice to get to practice some top control.

Second class started with light jogging, which combined with the heavy gi, 90 degree weather, drinking a bit too much Gatorade beforehand, and the overall lack of fitness – I was exhausted after just a few minutes. We did the (read: tried) the guard wall exercise where while on you spin and rotate on your shoulders, go upside down and end up in the beginning guard position. It was a bit confusing at first, but I eventually started getting the hang of it.

A closed guard sweep to mount was drilled then rolling. I have a backlog of techniques to post about, so I really do hope I get to make a post on this technique. Rolling was great today.

I waited too long before writing this post out, so I don’t remember much anymore. I was extra careful with my shoulder and so tapped a lot, even if there was no tight submission applied. My best roll was with a whitebelt who had done some wrestling, and had great sweeps and base. Tapped a lot to him, but it was very fun. I noticed that my performance was inversely proportional to how long I was rolling, the more tired I was, the worse I got. Good thing I didn’t gas so quickly.

My technique was vacuum-sucky, but it felt infinitely better than the last time..

Happy July fourth everyone!!!


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