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BJJ Class 100 – The Big Double O

Posted by forlogos on July 9, 2008

Finally, I’ve reached the landmark hundreth class!!  It seems odd that I just reached this now considering that I’ve been doing the jits for some two years now.  Oh well, that’s life…

Class was good. Again I joined the earlier class for rolling.  I didn’t get to join in when they were drilling the technique and no moves were taught in the later class – it was all rolling.

Rolling was awesome though.  I felt great today and did better against some of the people I felt horrible with last week. Got a few taps (I think I’ll putt he tap counter on hold until I decide what goals I want to aim for), tapped even more, and had a great time.  It just feels wonderful to be back.

I taught some people some techniques, asked help from others, and am proud for being as cautious with my shoulder as I was.  I actually tapped to someone as he did a roll from turtle – I tapped to a roll!!  My guard passes felt more crisp and my game felt better than it did in the last two classes.

Anyway, awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome. Can’t wait for the next class!!


15 Responses to “BJJ Class 100 – The Big Double O”

  1. Louis said

    Hey, I stumbled onto your blog and found it interesting. I have a couple of questions.

    1) It says you’re from NY. Where exactly, and…
    2) Where do you train?
    3) After 100 classes, what rank are you?

    I just started my BJJ “career” and I’m about to hit my 20th class out here on Long Island. So I like hearing about where newer people are and what they learn.

  2. supercrap said

    Well done for being patient dude. You are reaping the rewards now.
    Just still take it easy, although it looks like you are, so good on ya.

  3. supercrap said

    PS can ya update your link for my site? Thanks!

  4. Steve said

    Tapped to a roll? 🙂 There are a couple of guys at my school who tip the scales at over 250 lbs. I’ve tapped to knee on belly before. It’s humiliating! 😀

    Take care.

  5. forlogos said


    I live in Queens and train in midtown Manhattan. I’m a white belt. So long as you keep at it and train regularly, without long breaks, you should get a promotion of some sort by the time you have your hundredth class.

    Glad you find my blog interesting, please do look at my older material. Also, check out the blogs of the other guys that commented on this post, as well as those I have linked on the right.

  6. forlogos said

    thanks Supercrap! I’m taking it as easy as I can….And yeah, I have to update my links – not just yours but a few others too!!!

  7. forlogos said

    Steve, I’ve been there with the knee-on-belly. I’ve tapped to side-control in the past – mostly to this one guy that used his extra gut to smother everyone..lol!!

  8. Louis said

    So you train at the Gracie academy? I know a couple of people who go/have gone there. And what part of Queens are you from? I’m originally from Astoria, but now I’m out here in Long Island.


  9. Louis said

    And the worst I’ve ever gone through was when I tapped to the “rape choke”…when I was standing and on top!

  10. forlogos said

    actually no, I train elsewhere. I live in Elmhurst, but I’m honestly hardly at my place – I stay at my girlfriend’s place in Jersey most of the week.

    What’s the rape choke?

  11. Louis said

    Just grab them by the throat with one hand and choke.

    Wanderlei Silva did it to Keith Jardine in their fight a month back. Of course, he did it to hold Jardine down while he punched him in the face over and over.

  12. Louis said

    And I know the Elmhurst area. I actually went to McClancy High School over in East Elmhurst.

  13. forlogos said

    oh, that’s the rape choke! Someone did that to me once to open up my guard and pass.

    Elmhurst is awesome, great variety of food, hmmm!!

    Do you train with Serra?

  14. Louis said

    No, with Scarola.

  15. forlogos said

    hmmm – I dunno who Scarola is. I’ll look him up.

    Who’s Sukrat?

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