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BJJ Class 101 – Catch

Posted by forlogos on July 18, 2008

Another long class.  Seems that lately all the classes I’ve been going to have been long – joining part of the earlier class, attending the entire later class, then about 20-30 minutes more after.  Of course am still taking it easy and not pushing my shoulder too hard.

I got to join the drills of the first class: basic scissor sweep followed by cross-choke.  Although I have been using the basic scissor a while, it was nice to practice it on a non-resisting opponent and trying to refine it further.  After drills a mini-tournament was held.  A pair of students were matched and only they rolled while everyone else watched.  Time was kept, and points scored.  I didn’t get picked to fight, but that’s fine as I didn’t want to join anyway since they started on their feet and takedowns would definitely hurt my shoulder.

The second class started with a few hundred jumping jacks and a cool turtle-roll flow drill.  It was cool.  I’ll try to illustrate it soon, but am already backed up with those and likely won’t find the time to do them.

After that was rolling.  I rolled for a while with a very heavy new, but not so new white belt.  Y’know, one of those guys that’s been rolling just a few weeks, watches a lot of videos, and absorbs techniques like a sponge.  I wish I was like that!  Anyway, I was able to negate his huge size and weight advantage with technique and got him with americanas and an armlock.  He kept going for collar chokes but couldn’t finish.  I gave him some pointers, particularly about how deep a grip the first attacking hand should have, and he eventually got me to tap to one.

I next rolled with one of the white belts that I consider almost blue.  I was sucking big time, but as time went on, I got better.  Particularly on top of half-guard, where I’d never really seen the value of cross-base until now.  I caught a few knees and elbows in the face with this roll, but it was all good.  Have a nice big bruise near my eye.

I rolled with my instructor last.  Even though a black belt always runs the classes, I rarely get to roll with them.  While I got to sweep and pass, I kept thinking at the back of my mind that I only pulled those off because he let me, I still tried and was surprised everytime something worked.  After a few minutes he must’ve been like “hmmm, am bored already” and he quickly changed gears and subbed me.

So that was it, another good night of the jits!!


2 Responses to “BJJ Class 101 – Catch”

  1. jiujitsu365 said


    I am amazed at the new guys who are able to see a technique demonstrated once and then perfectly duplicate it in the drilling session that follows. It usually takes me three times before I can fully remember a sequence and the instuctor often has to give me a pointer or two. These guys usually end up instructing me. The only reason it is not an awkward moment for me is because I don’t have an ego with such things….

  2. forlogos said

    oh yeah, you can’t have an ego with BJJ – you just wouldn’t last

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